The Block In Volleyball

Volleyball Blocking Tips To Use in Defense

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The Block in Volleyball. 

The block is the first line of your team's defense when your squad

has earned the right to serve the ball.

When your team is serving, your players are on defense, three in the front 

court as blockers and three in the back court who's job it is to keep the

ball off the floor when it comes past the block.

Just so I'm clear, there are two ways to try and keep the other team from

scoring a point when your team is serving the ball.

The first way is at the net where your front row players are in

charge of blocking the opposing team's attempt to hit the ball

into your team's court.

The second way this happens is if the opposing team has successfully

hit the ball past your block and into your court.

Then your team's back row players are in charge of digging or

defending that ball in an effort to keep it off the ground on your


This example is illustrated perfectly in the picture of the volleyball player

below who's digging a ball after the opposing hitter was successful in

getting the ball past the triple block put up by the digger's front

row players.

How Do The Front Row Blockers And
Back Row Defense Players Work Together?

Basically if the front row players can't do their job successfully by

putting up a good block in volleyball then its the back row's

player responsibility to keep the ball off the floor.

The front row players spend hours in blocking practice drills so

that they can work in tandem with their back row players, so that

everyone knows where to be, what to do and when to do it.

Front Row Blockers With Backrow Players In Defense Photo by Chris DainesFront Row Blockers With Backrow Players In Defense Photo by Chris Daines

Learning how and where to time your jump when you block in

volleyball is important because when the blockers are consistent with

their movements and placement in the front row, then the players in

defense behind them know exactly where they need to place

themselves in the back court.

In order to effectively do this, the front row blockers have to know

where to be when they have a hitter who hits in a particular direction,

let's say cross court.

They have to be disciplined enough to set up in the correct spot

consistently so that their back row players know what they are doing

and know where to set up behind them for each and every play and for

each and every possible scenario that the offensive team might try

against them..

That's why it's crucial for the block in volleyball to be done with

good technique against different hitters who spike different kinds of sets,

at different speeds, at different locations along the net.

This is what helps many top defensive teams win points. 

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