Phenomenal Volleyball Serve Techniques
For The Float Serve

Learn how to improve your floater volleyball serves

Here are a few volleyball serve techniques that should improve the

effectiveness of your float serve.

want to share this serving info for players don't yet understand the

importance of developing string point-scoring volleyball serves. 

Serving is the one individual skill in this game that you have complete

control of.  

From the moment you pick up the ball behind the service line to once it

leaves your hands after the ref blows the whistle, you literally have the

ability to score points for your team if you use the correct serving technique. 

This long rally in the NCAA Volleyball Regionals between Florida and

UCLA starts off with a strong serve that almost turned into an ace!

What You Should Think About
To Improve Your  Volleyball Serve 

For those of you having trouble with the overhand serve in volleyball,

I’ve listed a few things for you to check on which should help you

improve your point scoring ability from the service line.

Many players don't even realize the power they have when they get

behind the end line to serve.

That's a huge mistake.

I ask my players all the time, why not take advantage of this wonderful

point-scoring opportunity?

How To Fix Your Wimpy Volleyball Serves

It's the first one every individual player has and many don't take

advantage of it so I ask you, why don’t players, toughen up their float

serves in volleyball?

Well, if the idea of scoring a point with your float serve in volleyball

doesn't enter your mind then of course you would never think to try

and do it.

So let's change that.

From now on when it's your turn to rotate back to zone one on the

court to serve, as you are walking back to the base line you should

be mentally forming a serving strategy.

Don't underestimate the power of this float serve volleyball tip.

You should make up your mind that you are going to go back and serve

an aggressive ball to a certain spot or to a certain player on the court.

Florida serves to start this rally against Stanford during the NCAA

Championship playoffs 


Why Serve Tough in Volleyball?

Why do you want to do this?

Because you want to take advantage of this singular opportunity to

make it difficult for the opposing team to be able to easily run a play

against your team.

If you don't think about scoring a point when you serve, then of

course you won't do it, but if you don't do it, then you are passing up a

golden opportunity to help your team score an easy point.

More Volleyball Serving Tips

Another way of thinking about scoring a point from the service line is to

imagine that you are attacking the ball with your serve.

Think about it!

When you hit the ball, you are in an aggressive state of mind, right?

Well, just like you are in an aggressive state of mind when

you spike a ball you want to recreate that same state of mind when

you go back to serve.

Mentally Plan Ahead.
Determine Early Where or Who You Intend
To Serve in Volleyball

First, you want to mentally decide to attack with your serve.

Here are some thoughts that professional volleyball players have in

their mind...and I mean what they actually think about before serving in 


”I don’t want to serve the opposing team a ball

that’s easy for them to serve receive

and run an attack off of."

"I want to serve a ball that puts them in a difficult situation where

I force one of the passers to have to move out of their comfortable

passing position to pass my tough or well-placed serve."

"I want a specific passer to mess up or

shank the ball or if I can't

force them to do that then

at the very least I want my serve to

force the opposing team to give

our volleyball team an easy ball

that we can defend or pass and run

an attack against them.”

Usually one or all of these thoughts passes through a pro player's mind

at some time during their match when they are behind the service line

prepping for the volleyball serve.

So when I say that you should be attacking with your float serve I am

describing a mental process that you must adapt to first--even before

you prepare to physically do any serving.

Do the mental stuff first as you are walking back to the service

line to prepare for your serve.

You want to start practicing this mental process of adopting a

more aggressive attitude when you’re doing your serving drills

so that your game time serving will automatically get tougher.

Volleyball Serve Techniques: Where Do you Go From Here?

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