Volleyball Knee pads Have Come A Long Way Baby!

Find the Best Knee pads For Tough Club and
High School Competition

With such a wide variety of volleyball kneepads available, it's tough to

know where to begin when selecting the right pair for yourself or your


Basically kneepads fall into one of three categories based on the

  • amount of skin coverage you think you need, 
  • the amount of cushioning you prefer to have and 
  • your level of play:

Volleyball Knee Pads: Full Coverage


Perfect for beginners or youth volleyball players who may not yet have

the same experience and control as more seasoned players. 

These kneepads provide the maximum amount of padding and

protection for the entire knee.

Volleyball Knee Pads: Moderate Coverage


Designed to provide comfortable protection with a lower profile,

moderate coverage kneepads are ideal for your typical high school

volleyball player who is looking for a less bulky alternative.

Volleyball Knee Pads: Minimal Coverage


Made for the elite volleyball player, these kneepads have the perfect

balance of cushioning and movability with the lowest profile and

coverage area available.


It seems like everything including volleyball knee pads have been

developed to become technologically functional and to include

elements that will supposedly help you play better.

Until I see the knee pad that actually does a spike approach and hits

the ball over the net I'm just going to settle for the pair of pads that

  • gives me adequate coverage of my knee cap and surrounding areas,
  • that absorbs moisture and sweat and 
  • cushions and covers my sensitive (and bony!) knee joint areas when I have to do a dive or sprawl for a ball

The major manufacturers of knee pads for female volleyball

players are Mizuno, ASICS, Nfinity, Kaepa, Nike, Under Armour and

Adidas. . 

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Under Armour Volleyball Knee pads

Under Armour is the new kid on the block as far as producing knee pads

for volleyball and the company has created a decent

knee pad that players would do well to look at.

Some knee pads are specifically designed for the elite female volleyball

player who wants minimal coverage.

This is the player who doesn't want to be forced to pull her knee pads

up between plays and also doesn't want to feel like she's wearing two

bowling balls on the court.

If this player is like me, then she feels that her knee pads should be

seen but not felt.

Under Armour volleyball kneepads are designed for the female player to feel

safe and protected.

Under Armour Volleyball Kneepad - Black

The Under Armour Volleyball Kneepad has a HeatGear fabric sleeve that

is ultra light and form-fitting, and includes maximum contoured padding


This kneepad has a heat seal logo and is sold in pairs in black and white.

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