Nike Volleyball Uniforms Worn By 9 Collegiate Teams Revealed on Video

Ten teams show us what their Nike volleyball uniform haul is this season

Texas rocks Nike volleyball uniforms.Texas rocks Nike volleyball uniforms.

Nike volleyball uniforms, Under Armour uniforms and Adidas volleyball uniforms, in that order, we find are the most popular volleyball uniform brand names among most collegiate teams in Division I. 

To showcase their brand allegiance, collegiate teams for the past few years have produced uniform reveal videos in an effort to show off what brands and styles they'll be wearing during the season. 

Scroll down to see the reveal videos showcasing the various colors and styles of Nike volleyball uniforms the following schools will be wearing this season. 

Texas, Stanford, Western Kentucky, Minnesota, Purdue, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia

Texas Longhorns Uniform Reveal:
Nike Volleyball Uniforms

Ranked number one in the 2017 AVCA Preseason Volleyball Coaches Division I  poll are the Texas Longhorns, finalists in last season's NCAA Women's Championship tournament. 

The Longhorns chose to reveal their uniform and Nike volleyball shoes on Twitter and their video did not disappoint. 

Volleyball Uniform Reveal: #MajorBagAlert

Stanford Cardinals  Nike Uniforms

One of the coolest hype vids for Kobe's kicks, the Cards who need no themselves and their new Nike volleyball shoes... 

..after a quick reminder opening shot ...of who won the NCAA title last year...

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers Wear Nike Uniforms

The Western Kentucky Hilltoppers for the 2017 season just revealed their new Nike volleyball jerseys. 

Check out their stylish promo that looks more like a music video than a uniform reveal...but of course..that is the whole idea, right? 

The first item featured is a black long sleeve jersey with Kentucky red trim, and on the lower left sleeve "Western" is imprinted while on the right sleeve is "Kentucky" in contrasting colors.


This next uniform item featured is the short sleeve white jersey with the contrasting red trim around the neck.

The jersey number front and back and the WKU lettering is in red and outlined in black trim, while the obligatory Nike swoosh is in black. 

Interestingly enough, no Nike shoes are featured in this joint. 

Minnesota Gophers
Nike Volleyball Uniforms

Minnesota Gophers volleyball uniforms are going to be "on your radar" this season. 

Minnesota Gophers video production team will make sure of that.

I kid you not, last season the Gophers video production team  produced a video for EVERY occasion including

  • a midseason hype video,
  • a postseason hype video
  • a NCAA playoff hype video and
  • a Final Four hype video to name a few.

Videos are top notch, great care is taken to pick the right song and the team always manages to produce expertly edited sequences meant to build and create excitement. 

This year's volleyball uniform reveal vid is no exception.

Peep it. 

This sleek video production opens with a catchy song that describes what its like...that giddy happy feeling when you put on new clothes.

"We feelin' brand new, just like a million bucks..

We always rollin dice, cuz we got all the luck...

You think you seen it all, you think you're so quick

You ain't seen nuthin yet

We got a new trick!"


Danger Twins

Pairing the perfect song with bangin' lyrics is key...and "Radar" by the Danger Twins was an excellent choice to help launch the new volleyball uniform reveal of the Golden Gophers for 2017. 

Big time school with a big time team in the Big Ten, with big time video production but no big time feature of their sponsored Nike volleyball shoes or sweats appear in this video. 

Purdue Boilermakers
Nike Volleyball Uniforms

Last year the Purdue volleyball team arranged an elaborate fashion show to reveal their new uniforms to the public, fans and friends. 

The Boilermakers walked the runway to show off their new Nike uniforms featuring gold, pink, white and black short sleeve jerseys. 

This year the Boilermakers add drama to their low lit "from the lockerroom to the court" jersey reveal presentation.

I want to know what its like to play with a golden ball, don't you?

Ole Miss Rebels Nike Uniforms 

The Rebels are super happy about this season's new gear!

Watch how excited Lexi Thompson, Emily Stroup, Caroline Adams and the Rebel girls react to new Nike backpacks, bag tags, practice jerseys, try on Nike volleyball pants and are ready to rep some sweet new Nike kicks on the court. 

Tennessee Volunteers Nike Volleyball Uniforms 

Watch as the VFL Films produced vid gets you up close to the orange white materials used to produce the home game and travel volleyball jerseys as the new partnership between the Lady Vol volleyball and the Nike program is showcased on this video.

Georgia Bulldogs
Nike Volleyball Uniforms 

White, grey and black are the colors of the day as we watch how excited the Georgia Dawgs are about their Nike haul this season.

Merry Christmas!

Virginia Cavaliers Wear
Nike Volleyball Uniforms

Nike is a favorite partner in Virginia!

Watch as they show us the three variations of jerseys they'll be sporting this season. 

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