My 2023 Predictions For Las Vegas Volleyball Clubs, Players, Parents and Coaches

I've made predictions before about future trends for the Vegas youth volleyball landscape and Las Vegas volleyball's another one...the Vegas prep volleyball landscape is changing in 2023 and will continue to change...

Starting with the new July 2023 tryout dates for Las Vegas clubs with players aged 15-18 this summer I think there will be three more reasons why young Vegas players interested in volleyball will soon have to get serious about their careers 

1. at an earlier age


2. without the interference of parents who will make the mistake of trying to bully or "negotiate" with club coaches about playing time for their student-athlete  

1. After Covid There Are More Competitive Las Vegas Volleyball Clubs Now Competing For Younger Talented and Athletic Players 

In the past 2-3 years (post-Covid)  there have been an increase in the creation of more competitive Las Vegas volleyball clubs that exist now with more teams at younger ages that aim to compete in higher divisions like Open, National, USA and Liberty in bigger junior national qualifier tournaments around the country. 

With the increased amount of competitive volleyball clubs in Vegas, players will be challenged to get serious about their volleyball career at an earlier age if they plan to compete on a competitive club team.

Parents will need to understand that. 

Competitive Las Vegas Volleyball Clubs

Let's understand what a competitive club team is...

....I define it as one who wants to enter their teams into higher divisions in Junior National Qualifier tournaments in order to win a bid to the season- ending USA Nationals Tournament annually held at the end of June/early July and...

...from a marketing standpoint this will also help them market themselves as one of, if not "the best" club teams in Vegas...which in turn helps them continue to attract the BEST talent...

On the more competitive Las Vegas volleyball clubs there is No guarantee of playing time but everyone gets quality practice time. 

Less Competitive Las Vegas Volleyball Clubs

In contrast to...

less competitive Las Vegas volleyball clubs that will have/give players who are

  • "trying the sport out" or 
  • "just want to play with their friends" or 
  • "have no intention of playing volleyball at higher levels past high school" or 
  • are less athletically inclined but enjoy playing the sport...

which will enter their teams into less competitive tournaments and ..where they can "guarantee" that more people on their rostered team will get playing time.  

So for parents with great aspirations for their players to's a good idea to

  • listen to your player to see how motivated they are play and compete at certain levels...
  • and pay attention to and listen to what their goals really are
  • see what the aspirations for the club team are that your player plans to try out for 

This is what will help you get a real return on your investment. 

Also, be sure that their aspirations are theirs and not yours because it will soon be apparent ...that yelling at coaches for playing time for your kid...will backfire and will hopefully soon ...go out of style...

Because it won't change anything ...

If the competitive team needs to put the BEST players on the court during very competitive order to reach the goal of winning...and earning a bid. 

2. In 2021 More Divisions Were Added To USA Volleyball Junior National Championships For Ages 14 - 18.

From USA Volleyball....

In 2021, USA Volleyball announced that there will be two more divisions added to compete in at the USAV Junior National Championships, making for 7 total.

The Regions will now have a new division to award bids from called the Freedom division which will be below the American division for ages 14-18s.

This allows all regions to receive at least 1 more bid with a potential of 2 with reallocation.

The new Liberty division is a Qualifier-only division that will fall between USA & American for ages 13-18s and will give 2 bids is the required numbers are met. We will also add the 12 USA division to Qualifiers as well for 2022.

The new structure will look like this (ranking from top to lowest division):

  • Open
  • National
  • USA
  • Liberty
  • American
  • Freedom
  • Patriot

The newly formed Las Vegas volleyball clubs, I predict will aim to train players who can eventually compete in higher divisions... which in Open Division for example often see nationally ranked  13 and 14-year-old outside hitters and middle blockers who are already 6' 1" and 6' 2" who can touch a basketball rim ...

The Effect of 3 Professional Womens Volleyball Leagues
By 2024 on Las Vegas Volleyball Clubs

Thinking long term in 2024, there will be three professional women's volleyball leagues in the US.

Whether there will be a pro team in Vegas or not I believe there will be a trickle down effect for Las Vegas volleyball clubs eventually...

Through social media young players will see what it takes to eat, prep and train to become a young volleyball player with goals. 

With more pro players playing at home in the states I think this will give young Vegas players more role models to model their practice and playing habits after like basketball and gymnastics and tennis have been doing for years. 

The City of Vegas has only had one Division I volleyball team that young players could follow the players and try to learn something from. 

In other neighboring states like California and Texas and Arizona they have multiple teams in Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA and community college teams with many more collegiate players that high school players could emulate and follow.  

In turn, once their career is done these colleges provide a lot more former players-turned club coaches with collegiate/National team/professional volleyball experience that now can help young high school club players by giving back to the sport they love. 

With one DI university volleyball team there are only so many club and private volleyball coaches this city can produce. 

Kate Prior honorable mention All West Coast Conference BYU freshman former coach April Chapple private volleyball client for 3 years.Kate Prior honorable mention All West Coast Conference BYU freshman former coach April Chapple private volleyball client for 3 years.

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