Setting Volleyball Drills

Learn How To Set A Volleyball

These setting volleyball drills are explained and recommended on

Championship Production DVDs a website that offers elite coaching

instruction by the top collegiate coaches in the country.

This page is especially important for the volleyball setter on

your team.

If the club coach or high school coach made you into the

team setter then you have already started to learn some

setting drills that you perform in practice with your team.

Here are some things you should know about your volleyball setter


A volleyball setter on any team can be compared to the quarterback on

a football team like Michael Vick or Brett Favre, or the point guard on a

basketball team.

The setter runs the offense, they call the plays either verbally or with

volleyball setter hand signals and they tell each of their hitters what set

they are going to set them so that they know what type of ball they will

be expected to hit.

A volleyball setter learns to deliver different kinds of sets to 

different hitters, so their outside hitters will practice hitting high balls

delivered to them outside and near the antenna, while the middle

hitters will work with their setter on getting quick sets that are about

a foot or more above the net and delivered to them at a faster pace in

the center of the net which is called zone 3.

So, if you've seen a football game and a quarterback hands off the ball

quickly to a running back, that would be comparable to the quick set a

middle blocker gets in the middle of the net.

After the quarterback gives him the ball, the bigger, stronger player

uses speed and strength to push the ball or hit it quickly pass the


Should the quarterback choose to throw a long pass down field

expecting their cornerback or running back to outrun and/or out jump

the defense in order to get the ball into the end zone, that can be

compared to when a setter sets the ball much further away to one of

her outside hitters in the hope that they do the same thing, out jump

and out hit the opposing team's outside blockers in order to score a

point for their team.

So what is a set?

It can be two things.

But, in this case we are talking about the type of ball that a setter

delivers to one of her two or three hitters, depending on who is in the

front row.

They can also set the ball to someone in their backrow, but for now 

let's keep things simple.

So let's start with the opposing team's serve.

The other team serves the ball to the back row of your 

team. The first contact is made with an underarm pass by a backrow

passer on your team.

If all goes as planned that passer "passes" the ball up to the front row,

about two to three feet to the right of center, where a second player,

the setter on your team,  is now at the net with their arm's raised

above their forehead and their hands are shaped in a broken triangle

several inches away from their forehead.

Their knees are slightly bent so that they can run in any direction to

place their body underneath the ball that has just been passed to them

from the back row.

Ideally they are turned so that they are facing the left side of their

court which makes them perpendicular to the volleyball net and their job

now is to "set the volleyball" to one of their front row hitters whose job

it is to make the third contact by hitting or spiking or attacking (you

can use any of these three terms) the volleyball over the net and into

the opposing team's court.

By facing the left side of their court, they are facing the left front hitter

and their middle hitter and their back is to their right side hitter.

If they want to set the volleyball to their right side hitter than they will

do so with a backset.

Let's review.

A set is usually the second contact a team makes on the ball and it is

called a 'set" because the setter or the player who makes the second

contact usually chooses to contact the ball using an over the head

setting technique to guide the ball to the target.

One thing players should note, you use your legs to get

your body underneath the ball to set it.

Your hands and arms are just in place to cradle the ball and guide it to

its target.

A volleyball player's legs and lower body possess the strength they need

to get the ball to one of the outside hitters.

Its the leg and butt strength volleyball players rely on to push the ball

up in the air 8 - 10 feet to deliver the ball to a third teammate so they

can hit it over.

That's why with volleyball setter training, so much time is spent on

developing leg and butt strength and muscle conditioning because

running, jumping and setting a ball across a volleyball court and holding

a low body position takes leg strength.

For more information on setting volleyball drills I've listed a series of

DVDs by college coaches who specialize in teaching setting technique

which may be something that can interest you and your daughter

looking for ways to practice setting.

Setting Volleyball Drills
from Coach Teri Clemens

Creative Drills for Volleyball Setter Training

  • Learn Clemens secrets to training All American volleyball setters
  • Pick up fun, high energy team drills for setter training
  • Use these volleyball setting drills to train leadership into your setter


Creative Drills for Setter Training - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc. 

with Teri Clemens,

-7x NCAA Division III Championships in eight years at Washington

University St. Louis;

-Received "All-Time Great Coaches Award" from USA Volleyball;

AVCA Hall of Fame

Teri Clemens knows about setting the ball!

Every setter she coached for 14 years at Washington University became

an All American volleyball setter.

In this on-court clinic presentation, Clemens shares her creative design

practice philosophy for the setter.

She breaks her instruction into five segments:

  • Movement Patterns for Setters - Clemens teaches a simplified movement that will allow your setter to set her feet and distribute the pass to all three positions.
  • Triangle Drill - This drill is designed to give the setter high repetition numbers early in the season or before practice.
  • Combination Drills - These drills require a sequence of setting to pre-determined areas on the court. A fun way for you to train technique and leadership in your setters.
  • 8-person Rotate Drill - Get three games in one drill with a focus on fast transition, communication and accountability.
  • "In Your Face" Game - Learn to manipulate this game to focus on your team's most pressing issues. 

Throughout each of the setting volleyball drills, Clemens shares

invaluable coaching insights from her years of experience training


Bring Teri Clemens' fun brand of high-energy volleyball to your court!

44 minutes.

Setting Volleyball Drills
from Stanford Coach John Dunning

Becoming a Champion Volleyball Setter

  • Become a more complete setter
  • Improve your mental skills for better setting
  • Get proven technique and position strategies for setters 

Becoming a Champion Setter - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc. 

with John Dunning,
Head Coach Stanford University,
2004 & 2001 NCAA Champs;
former University of Pacific Head Coach,

-1985 & 1986 NCAA Champions

In Part 1 of the video, John Dunning shares the four primary phases of

the volleyball setting position, the factors of offense, the roles of the

setter to the team, and what it takes mentally to be a Champion


In Part 2, Coach Dunning is on the court teaching and coaching his


Sharing his "single item focus" strategy for learning and improving,

Dunning progresses through: Ready Position, including body and specific

hand positioning, Body Rhythm, stressing the importance of whole body

motion including a 3-step progression for the Jump Set, and concludes

with Follow Through instruction.

In Part 3, Dunning shares detailed instruction through volleyball setting

drills sequences designed for technique and accuracy and includes,

jump setting, one-step setting, setting to various zones, tilt setting,

back setting, one-hand setting and dumping.

A complete manual for becoming the setter looking to become

a Champion.

Setting Volleyball Drills
from Dave Shoji

Dave Shoji's Passing Techniques: Giving the Volleyball Setter Options

  • Maximize your volleyball setter options
  • Better passing for the best setting options
  • Get detailed floor responsibilities for 2- and 4-man formations


Dave Shoji's Passing Techniques: Giving the Setter Options - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

with coaching legend Dave Shoji;

-2010 AVCA Hall of Fame inductee;

-4x National Champion,

-9x WAC Coach of the Year;

-National Coach of the Year (1982);

-named to the list of all-time great coaches by USA Volleyball (2002);

-named coach of the NCAA 25th Anniversary team.

Shoji ranks first in NCAA history in career victories.

Every rally starts with a pass, and the best pass gives the volleyball

setter several options.

Volleyball coaching legend Dave Shoji explains the techniques he uses

to teach his players to make the best possible pass; first, he breaks

down the ready position, and then he demonstrates the proper hand

position, forearm and elbow position and the proper stance to perform a

simple pass.

The most effective footwork for several movement patterns is explained

and demonstrated with drills.

Finally Shoji explains the floor responsibilities for the four-and two-man

formation and the importance of communication between players to

maximize the effectiveness of these formations.

All setting volleyball drills are explained and demonstrated in live drill

settings. 37 minutes.

Setting Volleyball Drills
from Georff Carlston

Intangibles for Success: Developing the 'Total Volleyball Setter'

  • Better the volleyball setter, and better your team
  • Improve your setter's attack mentality
  • See setting volleyball drills in demonstrations to improve technique and strategy


Intangibles for Success: Developing the 'Total Setter' - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc. 

with Geoff Carlston,
Ohio State University Head Coach:
former Ohio University Head Volleyball Coach,

-4X Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year;

-4X MAC Champions

Your volleyball setter is the most important part of your team.

In this DVD, Coach Geoff Carlston outlines the most important qualities

to look for when choosing the setter for your team.

Once you have selected the setter, the volleyball setting drills and

techniques on this DVD -training footwork, framing and attacking

mentality - will aid greatly the development of your setter into a

complete player.

On court demonstrations will show simple settings that take advantage

of match-ups, zone dumps, jump setting and running a fast tempo

offense to take advantage of taller teams.

Volleyball setting drills that teach technique and strategy are

demonstrated throughout the video.

30 minutes.

Check out more setting volleyball drills and information in the pages


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