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Tips For Setting #85:  Tip on a good set. 

Be unpredictable by mixing up your shots. 

Tip the balls everyone expects you to hit and hit the imperfect ones

that are a little off the net.

Be smart and use common sense.

Don't attempt to spike those balls that are below the net height or too

low to hit.

Tips For Blocking #82: Here's How To Win The Joust

Be the last player to touch the ball in a joust. 

When two players contact the ball at the same time over the net, the

second one to touch the ball almost always wins. 

The second player has the advantage of going up and pushing the

volleyball over the net, while the first player comes down, losing

momentum on her way.

A lot of times in the volleyball game we get so wrapped up in just hitting

the ball that we forget that we could possibly kick the ball to the

corners of the court and make a point.

Okay maybe not kick the ball but still, there's so much space in the back

court during long rallies that if you remember to get the ball back there,

you'll definitely make points.

So here is...

Tips For Volleyball #84: Tip deep. 

First, confirm with your teammates that the opposing team is playing

man-up defense.

Man-up defense occurs when a coach has her left back player or right

back player responsible for picking up the tips, so once they see where

the opposing team's setter has set the ball, they creep up automatically

a few feet to play defense right behind the block so they can easily pick

up any tips.

If they do confirm this, then you now know you have deep court open

spaces in the opposing team's court that you can tip to.

In volleyball practice, learn to tip the ball high over the block to the

deep corners of the court.

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