Volleyball Net Height

Volleyball nets are the soul of the volleyball game.

Volleyball Net Height Explored

Everything centers above, under and/or around those two vertical

poles that are connected to each other by fibers woven in a grid like

40-inch wide structure called "the net."

One of the best definitions I know about a "net" reads like this:

"A (volleyball) net in this case is not a solid fabric but a woven structure

that can be seen through and blocks the passage of large items, while

simultaneously allowing the passage of small items, particles or fluids. 

In this case, the net separates two opposing teams from each other

and they create a vertical boundary in the middle of the volleyball

court that extends upwards above the centerline.

Like other net sports, volleyball players are required to contact the ball

so that it stays in play while it travels back and forth over the net. 

Unlike some other net sports, if the ball contacts the net it can still be kept

in play in order to score a point or register a sideout. 

What's The Official Volleyball Net Height?

At the end of the 1800s, when William G. Morgan first invented the sport,

he initially established the original volleyball net height at six feet six


Since the sport was introduced first to the YMCA, the Young Men's

Christian Association, only men were playing the game so the first net

height was pretty low compared to the official net height it is today. 

Today for the men, the official volleyball net height which is measured

starting at the top of the net, in the center of the court to the ground,

should be seven (7) feet 11 5/8 inches.  

For those who use the metric system, that's 2.43 meters. 

The women's volleyball net height, who's measurements are taken the

same way, from the center of the net is officially 7 feet four 4 1/8 inches. 

In meters that reads, 2.24m. 

The height of the net is measured form the center of the playing court.

Over the two sidelines, the net height has to be exactly the same and

"can't exceed the official height by more than 2 cm (3/4").

Volleyball Net Height Changes With Variations of the Game

With time, different variations of the game developed, from coed

 to reverse coed to the development of championships and leagues

for maturing senior age divisions for players in their 40s, 50s, 60s and


With these variations in the game, the volleyball net height evolved

and changed to lend itself to the competitiveness and physicality

needed for each version of the game.  

Volleyball Net Height For Nine Person Volleyball

For example, in the Asian community, in the very popular nine person

vs nine person game, not only is the court larger, but the official

volleyball net height, is lower at 243 cm.

Sitting Volleyball Net Height

Sitting volleyball is another version of the indoor game...with court size,

net height and some rule modifications that allow disabled individuals

to play the game competitively. 

While the net dimensions remain the same as those of indoor

competitions, in sitting volleyball the court is smaller at 10 x 6


Instead of a three meter line, which we call our ten foot line in the US

competitions, in sitting volleyball, they play with a two-meter attack


In the men's sitting competition, the  official volleyball net height is

1.15m while for the women it's 1.05 meters which is approximately three

and a half feet.  

Coed Volleyball

Coed volleyball is played with two, four or six male and female players

on one team playing against the same number of players with the

same team composition on an opposing team. 

In coed fours and sixes, the men play in the front row and the women

play in the back row, all the time, with no rotation of the sexes in the

traditional rotation process for six man volleyball. 

In coed doubles, or two vs two, the men play on the left side, the power

side, with the primary responsibilities of staying at the net to hit in

offense and to block on defense.

The women play on the right side, always, and their job is to stay

back row to play defense and to set their male partner when their

team is on offense. 

Passive vs, aggressive...wow even in volleyball. Who knew? 

Coed volleyball and men's volleyball both have the same official

net height at 7 feet 11 5/8 inches. 

Easy to see why, since in these versions of the game, the "big" men are

front row always hitting and blocking at the net, which for the smaller

female players isn't even a factor since the rules state the women play

only in the back row.

In many intramural and rec leagues, players will set the coed

volleyball net height somewhere between the men's official height and

the women's height. 

Women are jumping and hitting much harder and higher now so the

makeshift net height makes the game even more competitive during

coed matches. 

Coed Reverse

Speaking of women, hitting harder and blocking bigger ..this led to the

variation of the game called coed reverse. 

In reverse coed competition, women play front row and men play

back row on a team of  four or six players playing against an opposing

team of four or six players. 

As you can imagine, now the roles are "reversed."

The females play the power game, staying in the front row with the

blocking responsibilities when their team is on defense and maintain the

primary hitting responsibilities when on offense. 

The men can hit from the back row but primary hitting responsibilities are

held by the females in the front row.  

In coed reverse doubles, the females play on the left side and stay in the

front court in defense going to the net to block.

Male teammates play on the right side and have the setting

responsibilities and defense tasks in the back court. 

The official net height for reverse coed is the same as the

women's official height, which 7 feet 4 1/8 inches. 

Things that make you go "Hmmm!" Starting to make sense now?


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