Blocker in Volleyball: 4 Things You Can't Do When Blocking On The Net

A blocker in volleyball can't touch the net in a rally.  Learn 3 more volleyball blocking rules you need to know when you're in the front row playing defense.

As a blocker in volleyball you can't touch the net while going up or coming down in your attempt to block an opposing team's hitter from attacking the ball into your court.

Remember the block is the first line of defense for a team who has just served the ball.  

Once the ball goes over the net, the serving team  "on defense" ready to create a wall at the net that the opposing team has to hit over, knock down or hit around in an attempt to score a point or a wideout. 

According to basic volleyball rules here are four major things you can't do when you're blocking at the net.

Volleyball Block Rules
Three Common Faults and Volleyball Fouls 

  • 1. Can you block the setter? 

No. One of the common faults committed by beginner players is trying to block the setter. Volleyball block rules prevent you from blocking an opposing team's setter who's attempting to set a ball.

You can block someone who's hitting a ball as long as you are separated by the net, but you can't block  a player who is setting the ball to another player on their team.

  • 2. Can you block a serve?

No you can't. Not according to FIVB and USA volleyball block rules. Players aren't allowed to block the serve either in doubles or the traditional six-man game.

The ball has to be allowed to enter into the opposing team's court before the rally can begin.

  • 3. Can the libero block a ball?

No. Only front row players can block a ball, either singly, in pairs or in threes.

A one-man block is known as a solo block, a two-man block is known as a double block and a three-man block is known as a triple block.  

  • 4. Can backrow players block a ball?

No. In the six vs six person game a team commits a foul if one of their backrow players tries to come to the front row to help block a ball.  

Volleyball block rules state that only three front row players are eligible to block a ball in the front row during a rally.

Volleyball Block Rules:
What You Can Do To Score Points While Blocking 

If you block a ball and it bounces out of bounds on your side or the opponent's side or without one of your diggers getting the ball up then its not a point for your team.

With rally scoring, where a point is rewarded for every successful winning play,  that would be a point for the opposing team because you were the last person to touch the ball before it hit the ground (In this case, out of bounds or in your own court.)

Volleyball Block Rules:
The Block, The Ball and the Antenna

2. If you block a ball and it then hits the antenna before hitting the ground, then the ball is considered out of bounds and both the ball and a point is awarded to the opposing team.

This is because the blocker is the last person to contact the ball before it went out of bounds so the blocking team loses the ball and the point.

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