Game Day Quotes Volleyball Players On Confidence, Failure, Self Talk

Game day quotes volleyball players like Aleeyah Loren talk on what happens and how to recover from failure like missing a serve at game point and more advice.

Game Day Quotes Volleyball Players at Better at Beach Volleyball who talk about tournament day nutrition and the importance of pre-game meal prep

So cookies and candy bars and “quick” energy drinks with lots of sugar are NOT the best option?

Say it twice! Pleeeeassse and thank you!!
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Salads 🥗 or Carbs 🍝 On Tournament Day?!

Fueling your body during tournament days can be tricky. You might get the urge to eat a salad to stay light but are they really fueling your body?!

Sure salads are quick, easy, and simple to digest but getting energy from greens is not as optimal as carbs! Carbs are fuel. Carbs are your friend!

Loads of sugar (processed mainly) can have you crash later in the day/after matches so try eat good carbs such as pastas, sweet potatoes, fruits, and oats.

These will fuel your body and have your performing come match time!

Peep These Game Day Quotes Volleyball Player Aleeyah Loren on How To Bounce Back From Failure

Have you ever missed your serve at game point or hit out during a big game at a decisive moment?

Of course and according to the many comments and over 32k views in response to this post many of us have. 

🤔So how do you deal with failure?

Btw the more you think about your past mistake … key word is “past” .. the more you make yourself “unready” (🤣is that a word? ) for the next ball.

So now you can’t focus and prep on what’s happening in the “present” in the “right now” because you’re freakin out over what just happened in the past.

That’s when you tend to make another mistake because
👉🏾you ain’t ready!
Champions focus on getting over errors quickly and moving on to the
👉🏾next ball,
👉🏾the next play

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D1 Volleyball Player @aleeyahlkg on how she deals with failure
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Madisen Skinner Has Wise Game Day Quotes Volleyball Players Should Hear on How To Define Yourself As An Athlete On and Off The Court  

How do you define yourself?

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D1 Volleyball Player @madisenskinner on how she defines herself ⁣
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Charlie Eckstrom Stanford Beach Volleyball Player

Check out game day quotes volleyball player Charlie E has on this chat..

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Kazna Tarawhiti Tanuvasa Shares Game Day Quotes Volleyball Advice She Would Tell Her Younger Self

What would you tell your younger self?

Kazzie says...she'd tell herself its okay to ask for help.

Repost from @lorrine.headrick

Thanks @kazzie_t for showing up as an advocate for athletes mental health.

Kazna shares her journey though her career as a D1 Collegiate athlete playing for @uvuwvb and what she wished she had known earlier for mental health.

She mentioned fear in the beginning of her career to ask for help- but how important it is to do so.

It doesn’t make you weak- but supports you to become stronger and have more joy in your student athlete experience as a whole.

Thank you Kazna for continuing to be a role model for all your peers and the younger generations coming up.

Let’s continue Redefining the athlete experience by learning how to advocate for yourself and create more confidence and joy in your student athlete experience.

Every Friday we will feature an athlete to athlete post sharing advice from those of you who have experienced growth through their struggles and share their stories to uplift others.

You are part of this community.

➡️tap and share if you know an athlete who would benefit from this.

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