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Inspirational Quotes For Volleyball Players By Players Like Zoe Fleckk

Inspirational quotes for volleyball players by volleyball players like NCAA champion libero Zoe Fleckk, SMU hitter Alex Jean Glover, and NBA MVP Nikola Jokic.

My inspirational quotes for volleyball players on how to prepare for your freshman year in college during your high school senior summer.

Inspirational Quotes For Volleyball Players by D1 SMU Volleyball Player Alex Jean Glover

"Your senior summer before you go to your first year of college as a student athlete… is not the time to have senioritis and to party … you need that summer to prepare yourself

👉🏾mentally and
👉🏾emotionally for the increased
👉🏾training workload,                                      👉🏾 time management responsibilities for classes and volleyball
👉🏾competition for playing time,
that everyone faces, male and female when you get to college.

That’s what “next level” means. There’s more to do, there’s more to get ready for, there’s more you need to be able to handle.
If you’re not prepared to do those things during the summer then you’ll be playing catch up for the first 2-3 months of your freshman year.
I post players advising players, warning players, letting players know about what they did or did not do to prepare for a better first year (and succeeding years) experience so if what your parents or your coach is saying is not resonating with you about the need
👉🏾to train,
👉🏾eat right,
👉🏾do cardio,
👉🏾recover well,
👉🏾rehab and
👉🏾lift weights
your high school senior summer … maybe hearing the message from other student-athletes like yourself will help convince you, that there is no shortcut and that it’s better to be ready early than to get ready late.

(Ooh that last part was good 👍🏾 I have to remember that one😂😂)

Below are Alex Jean Glover's volleyball athlete quotes

Check out @brycewilsonw 👍🏾👍🏾interview with @alexjeannnn

D1 Volleyball Player @alexjeannnn on dealing with body dysmorphia
‼️Full podcast link in bio⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
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Inspirational Quotes for Volleyball Players by NBA MVP Nikola Jokic

“There are no shortcuts .. it’s a journey.” (Nikola Jokic) when asked what it takes to be successful…
Repost from @nbaonespn

Nikola Jokic talked about what it takes to be successful in the NBA 🏆

Inspirational Quotes for Volleyball Players by former NBA athlete Marcus Hubb

My inspirational quotes for volleyball players below are in agreement with Marcus Hubb's message on Instagram. 

"Mooooood…..x 2 🔥🔥🔥#talkaboutit 👏🏾👏🏾
I already said this to my young Vegas private and Breakfast Club clients two weeks ago…about how training for Summer 2023 was going to be. 👏🏾

Ask me how I’m coaching semiprivates and privates this summer ….💪🏾🔥


Below are Marcus Hubb's volleyball athlete quotes

Repost @marcushubb12

This is a life lesson. I learned the hard way that having an attitude, not working hard and getting comfortable is a quick way to find yourself on the bench or without a job. My point is don’t get too comfortable.

Inspirational Quotes for Volleyball Players by NCAA Champion Volleyball Libero Zoe Fleckk, University of Texas 2023

Below are my volleyball athlete quotes on how to build self confidence and below that are the inspirational quotes for volleyball players by volleyball libero Zoe Fleckk. 

"The act of building self confidence is like building a muscle in the weightroom or improving a skill on the court… with one practice rep at a time.
“Staying in the present” means focusing on what you’re doing 👉🏾as 🏐you’re 🏐doing🏐it.
Thinking about or
👉🏾obsessing about what you just did or
👉🏾worrying about what you want to do
👉🏾is thinking about the past and
👉🏾worrying about the future

BOTH of which are distractions that keep you from “staying in the present” and focusing on each individual skill as you perform them …
This is the mental or psychological part of the game that “next level” players work on …to improve their total game.
Below are Zoe Fleckk's thoughts, advice and inspirational quotes for volleyball players on how she works on "staying in the present."

Repost @zfleckk
"we all experience a fear of failure or self-doubt. someone once told me that confidence is a choice and it took me a while to understand what he meant…

for me, a lack of confidence has always come from a lack of focus. if I'm thinking about the future (winning a match or impressing my coaches) or the past (a ball I just shanked or a dig I missed), then I'm going to lose confidence quickly. but when my focus is on the present moment - as if it's the only thing in the world that I control (it is), it's so much easier to see how confidence can be a choice. I choose to see this next ball as an opportunity to execute the technique as I want to perform it. I choose to be a positive, stable, supportive energy for my teammates. I choose to put my focus on stopping my opponent instead of doubting myself.

so that's one way I (choose to) stay confident when I'm playing. if you're interested in mindset work or improving your confidence, I'll be sharing breathing techniques, tips and concepts that I use on a daily basis through my 6 month mentorship program. if you want to join the program and receive direct, personalized coaching from me, click the link in my bio to sign up! :)"

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