Mizuno Wave Volleyball Shoes Have Styles For Specific Player Positions

The Mizuno Wave volleyball shoes include styles Mizuno Wave Lightning, Wave Bolt, Wave Tornado, Wave Voltage, Wave Momentum, Wave Supersonic and Wave Luminous 

I wore Mizuno Wave volleyball shoes when I was on the national team. They were okay because ...they were free.

But at that time the Mizuno shoe waste with alot of leather which for my taste made it a heavier shoe.

As an outside hitter, I liked playing in lighter more running type shoes so that's why I favored Asics volleyball shoes whenever I could wear them.

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Speaking of shoes, check out the info on the latest Mizuno volleyball styles...

Mizuno Wave Volleyball Shoes 
Wave Stealth: The Technology

The Mizuno Wave volleyball shoes functionality was first introduced in 1997 and it incorporated both the concepts of cushioning and stability

According to Mizuno...

"The Mizuno Wave is a unique footwear technology that combines two essential elements: cushioning and stability. Mizuno has adapted this technology to suit every type of athlete.

The Mizuno Wave for Volleyball combines a controlled cushioning for landing and spring effect for jumping."


Mizuno Wave volleyball shoes have several versions of the infamous WAVE style.

Mizuno Wave Lightning

Mizuno *Wave Lightning Z5 (new)

  • men
  • women

Mizuno Wave Tornado

  • men
  • women

Mizuno Wave Bolt

  • men
  • women

Mizuno Wave Voltage

  • men
  • women

Mizuno Wave Momentum (new)

  • men
  • unisex
  • women

Mizuno Wave Supersonic (new)

Mizuno Wave Luminous (new)

  • women

Mizuno Volleyball Shoes
Wave Lightning Z25 

According to Mizuno...this shoe was created for the frequent jumping and fast paced movement outside hitters bring to their game. 

"In a fast and unpredictable game like volleyball, agility and speed are crucial to create a win from every hit.

With its lightweight properties and jump support, the Wave Lightning Z5 is a great all-round volleyball shoe, perfect for outside hitters because it allows them to reach maximum speed and the dynamic features enabling them to focus on getting the spike just right.

With this edition, players will be able to enjoy the above mentioned features, unique to Mizuno, as well as a softer more flexible upper built with engineered mesh.

Together with high breathability and a half bootie construction the overall fitting, stability and comfort have been improved."

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5 Design

About the Wave Lightning Z25 design in this style of Mizuno Volleyball Shoes....

Lightweight and agile, designed for the fastest players on court, the new women's Lightning Z5 provides the world's best players the ultimate in lightweight performance.

The Lightning Z5 features a new 360º, extremely breathable, engineered mesh upper along with Mizuno's proprietary Wave technology for controlled cushioning and lightweight stability which produces electric acceleration and efficient energy transfer.

13 Key Features Found in the Wave Lightning Z25 design

  • Lightweight
  • EVA Midsole
  • AIRmesh Upper: Air Mesh Upper for superior feel, breathability and comfort
  • INTERCOOL: Cool and dry. Offers great breathability. Ventilation system reduces heat and humidity build-up inside the shoe during performance
  • SR TOUCH: Shock absorbing mid-sole. Advanced cushioning material that is lighter, absorbs shock, and keeps the transition smooth and fast
  • X10 Outsole: Durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear
  • POWNCE: Power + Bounce = PoWnCe.  Cushioning performance is the same as ap+, but it's 10% lighter
  • D-Flex Groove: Diagonal flexible groove. A diagonal groove in the mid foot area allows the player to turn at maximum speed and power by efficiently transferring natural body movement and shift in direction
  • Anatomical Cup-In-Sole: Cup-in-sole designed anatomically to fit the bottom of your foot
  • Non-Marking Outsole: Non marking out-sole
  • Dura Shield: Protects toe from the damage of friction to the floor
  • SENSORPOINT: Suspension system connects Wave plate to the floor to provide increased stability and traction
  • Parallel Wave Plate: Wave technology which uniformly disperses shock throughout the sole, providing excellent cushioning and enhanced stability
  • 360° DynaMotionFit: Precisely engineered 360°DynamotionFit upper with Engineered Mesh seamlessly follows every contour of your foot for the ultimate fit

One of the first lines of Mizuno Wave volleyball shoes the Lightning was created specifically for the outside hitter...also called the wing spiker in European countries. 

Mizuno claims that "When the moment comes......to prepare....to train hard....to work together....to bump....to set....to make a kill.

The Wave Lightning won't let you down.

Designed to assist the key movements of outside hitters around the court, the Wave Lightning RX features Dynamotion technologies to help stabilize and enhance flexion at that pivotal scoring moments.

So for those moments on the court when your team has worked tirelessly throughout the game for that one moment of glory, the Wave Lightning will give you that killing edge.

Mizuno Wave Volleyball Shoes
Mizuno Wave Momentum  

Created especially with the middle blocker in mind The Wave Momentum, according to Mizuno "provides middle blockers and all-round players with an advantage on the court, thanks to the combination of high stability and comfortable cushioning and fitting."

Crystals, one of the many strong expressions that can be found in nature, are our inspiration for Wave Momentum.

Crystals and minerals are formed over long periods of time through the great power of nature, and are mesmerising with their unique shapes.

As for the Wave Momentum, the crystal theme is particularly evident when looking at the sole, which has a triangular shape both on the medial and lateral side.

This really highlights the cushioning and support provided by the sole, which is one of the key features on the shoe."


Mizuno Wave Volleyball Shoes
Wave Luminous

I find this new model of Mizuno Volleyball shoes to be quite exciting.

Modelled after the mid top Kobe's Nike that many of my clients wear Mizuno claims the Luminous has the best combination of cushioning, energy transition and stability a volleyball player can choose from when it comes to Mizuno Wave technology.

Mizuno says the Luminous "features a flexible Wave plate designed to maximize energy return for advanced power during jumps, and absorb impact on landing.

Compared to other fast-paced indoor games volleyball is unique, because a player’s focus is on the jumps, not the runs.

This specific style of gameplay requires a specific type of shoe. In a matter of seconds, a player will leap to their highest elevation, then find themselves with their feet back on the court.

Landing from these impressive heights can send shocks to your feet."

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