Fun Volleyball Drills

Drills To Have Fun With As a Team Or Individual Player

Looking for some fun volleyball drills for your high school club or camp?

Volleyball coaches are always looking for new drills to incorporate into their


Here are some suggestions I have for you to add to your volleyball  training

videos and DVD collection as coaching resources.

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Bestseller! Fun Volleyball Drills

Junior Volleyball Association presents
35 Japanese Drills for Youth Volleyball

  • 35 fun and effective drills for any youth, middle or high school volleyball program
  • Innovative, creative and purposeful drills to reinforce tempo, timing, balance, coordination, speed, teamwork, footwork, eye-hand coordination and more
  • A "must-have" DVD for anyone coaching youth volleyball

 Be sure to read the Five Star Reviews!

Junior Volleyball Association presents 35 Japanese Drills for Youth Volleyball - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

In 2007, the Junior Volleyball Association was able to visit Japan and study the renowned Japanese youth volleyball training program.

This DVD is a collection of the most effective drills the JVA observed and brought back to incorporate into the youth volleyball programs in the US. For the first time ever, these volleyball drills are available on this instructional DVD!

These purposeful drills reinforce tempo, timing, balance, coordination, speed, teamwork, footwork, eye-hand coordination and more. They vary in difficulty from beginning level to more experienced level, but all are appropriate to introduce to your teams.

There are fun ...

  • "Relay race" drills
  • Partner ball handling drills (very important in the Japanese training programs)
  • Individual drills
  • Offensive transition drills
  • Skill and technique drills and more! 


Fun in the Summertime:
Games and Activities for Your Summer Camp

with Rose Shires,
University of Nebraska Omaha Head Coach,

Jill Stephens,
Florida Southern Head Coach,

Christyn May,
University of Minnesota Duluth Assistant Coach.

Fun in the Summertime: Games and Activities for Your Summer Camp - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Stop racking your brain for fun activities to do at your summer volleyball camp!

In this unique presentation from the 2009 AVCA convention, you will learn 10 fun, exciting, energy filled activities you can easily use to ramp up camp fun while at the same time developing essential skills.

Among the activities that coaches Shires, Stephens and May demonstrate include:

  • a challenging warm-up activity for throwing, jumping and strength development; 
  • cooperative partner challenge that "warms-up the brain;" 
  • a fun, trust building activity that requires communication and cooperation to win;
  • toss-catch progression game that progresses in difficulty through five levels that end with progressive volleying.

Several of the games can accommodate very large numbers of players at the same time, while other games have multiple variations that can be implemented.

The games and fun volleyball drills presented are not only great for summer camp activities, they are appropriate for in season fun, team building, competitiveness and skill development.

This DVD presents a great balance of skill development, teamwork, cooperation, communication, and trust, all under the umbrella of FUN!

2010. 55 Minutes. 


Game Speed Setting Drills
presented by Christy Johnson Lynch

with Christy Johnson-Lynch;

Iowa State University Head Coach;
2009 Asics/Volleyball Magazine National Coach of the Year;
2009 Big 12 Coach of the Year

Game Speed Setting Drills - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Research shows that the more game-like your drills are in practice, the more carry over the drills will have to matches. 

Setting drills depend on different angles of the pass. In all, Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch demonstrates 14 basic, intermediate and advanced drills.

These drills work on blocking and setting, release from serve and receive position, how to read the opponent at the net and make the appropriate play, decision-making, 'set up opposite' the direction of the pass and much more.

These drills mirror the activity-level of setters in matches; these drills will lead to better play.

30 minutes. 2007.

Serve Receive Formations: Highlight Strengths and Hide Weaknesses presented by Bill Neville

with Bill Neville,
U.S. Volleyball Association National Commissioner of Coaching Education,
3X Olympic Men's Coach

"In every rotation, expose your best serve receivers!"

Serve Receive Formations: Highlight Strengths and Hide Weaknesses - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Bill Neville builds this entire 2009 AVCA convention presentation around this law and shares with you innumerable ways to expose your serve receive strengths and hide weaknesses.

  • In the first segment of this presentation, Coach Neville sets his offense and takes you through a breakdown of six rotations. With each rotation, Neville physically shows how to set up serve receive to get the first ball to the best passer.

While exposing the best passer, Neville shows how to hide the setter as well as hiding weaker passers. 

Neville feels that getting a quality hit on the first pass is imperative to setting up your offense. He specifically points out what are typically the two potentially weakest rotations and presents strategies for optimizing serve receive success when in these challenging rotations.

A serve receive game of 4v2 throughout various rotations to drill serve receive is played, and with each point, Neville offers insight into the "what happened and why it happened" for each result. He then breaks down a server's sequence checklist to add more focus and purpose to each and every serve.

  • Neville presents a sequence for the serve receive team designed to create consistency in every serve reception. Neville models getting your team to communicate throughout the sequence.

This presentation offers specific examples of how to best set up formations that will return the highest percentage for first pass success.

44 minutes. 2010.

Marv Dunphy's Attack Strategies

with Marv Dunphy,
Pepperdine University Head Coach, 
4x NCAA Champions,
USA National Team Coach and 1988 Olympic Head Coach (Gold Medal)

How often do you have the opportunity to learn hitting techniques and fun volleyball drills from an Olympic Gold Medalist? 

 Now's your chance! 

Marv Dunphy's Attack Strategies - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Legendary coach Marv Dunphy -- coach of the 1988 USA Men's Volleyball Gold Medal Team -- shows you effective methods for improving your team's hitting.

  • Coach Dunphy begins with his 4-step attacking footwork cadence and teaching tips for working with the goofy foot attacker. 
  • Dunphy shows how to alleviate many of the technical difficulties with hitting by sharing volleyball tips to improve approach footwork and attack angles. These modifications will allow your players to see the full volleyball court, frame the ball and see what the block is doing.
  • Switching from footwork volleyball drills to arm drills, Dunphy concentrates on proper arm movement. He details specific arm sequences (forward and back, together and up), three arm segments for a technically sound contact and information for arm-healthy hitting. 

You will see common mistakes with the arm movement and learn what to look for and how to correct errant arm movements.

  • Dunphy discusses rules for shot selection and includes strategies for hitting high, into the hands of the potential block and not into the arms. He offers strategies for specific hitting situations from various locations on the court with varying challenges from the set. 
  • Dunphy demonstrates fun volleyball drills to train high hitting followed by rally games for attacking situations. Throughout these games, Dunphy offers constant instruction and insights to all aspects of hitting the ball.

Coach Dunphy is one of the sports finest volleyball coaches and technicians making this a must have DVD for your volleyball coaching library!

54 minutes. 2010.

Bestseller! Game Speed Ball Control Drills
presented by Anne Kordes

with Anne Kordes,
University of Louisville Volleyball Coach;
former St. Louis University Head Coach

Over 35 game speed practice drills to improve your team's ball control!

FIVE Star Rating!

Game Speed Ball Control Drills - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Anne Kordes begins this instructional 4-part volleyball DVD with ten 2-, 3- and 4-person ball control drills. These fast paced fun volleyball drills are structured to give players as many touches in as many game-like situations as imaginable.

These drills will challenge a player's passing skills and serve as great conditioning and training drills as well.

In part 2, Team Drills, Kordes presents seven creative drills that involve multiple players. In part 3, Team Wash Drills, Kordes shares player-initiated drills for maximum touches.

These volleyball drills get players moving through the ball and are great for teams that may have limited staffs. In the final segment, Pepper Series, Kordes shares 16 different ball control challenges to reinforce technique and develop the game speed mind set in a player and team.

Energize your ball control training today.

75 minutes. 2009.


Competitive Play Solutions Games for the Game
presented by Mary Wise

  • See 13 Highly competitive games
  • Bring fun and competition into your practice
  • Get game tough in practice

with Mary Wise, 

  • University of Florida Head Volleyball Coach, 
  • 2X AVCA National Coach of the Year! 

Competitive Play Solutions: Games for the Game - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

In this "competitive games" presentation, Mary Wise shares 13 of her favorite competitive games.

Each game has a unique and/or specific focus on essential fundamental skills of the game.

  • What makes this DVD unique is the fact that each one of the 13 games Coach Wise teaches and coaches is played out to completion so that you too can teach and coach the game through its finale!
  • The games develop a number of focus areas: three contacts on a side, serve receive, defense to offense transition, hitting and blocking, serving, wash drills, team serve reception, digging, error corrections, passing and setting; all in competitive, game-like situations.

These competitive situations will help you prepare your team for matches by teaching them to transition individual skill development into team play.

45 minutes. 2005.

More Drills From Mary Wise

All Access Florida Volleyball Practice - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Foundations Series: Disc 1: Passing - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Foundations Series: Disc 4: Setting - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

Position Training Drills and Skills Series presented by Russ Rose

with Russ Rose,

Penn State University Head Coach;

  • back-to-back-to-back NCAA Championships (2010, 2009, 2008, 2007), 
  • 5x NCAA Championship Coach;
  • 3X AVCA National Coach of the Year,
  • over 1000 career coaching victories,
  • recognized by USA Volleyball as one of their All-Time Great Coaches in 2005 

  • Learn position-specific drill progressions for improving hitter footwork and movement patterns
  • Add variety to your practices with these 20+ fast-paced drills for liberos and defensive specialists
  • Provide quality reps for your setters to improve consistency and accuracy
  • Help your middles develop essentials skills for success such as transition, approach, attacking, blocking, passing and running slides
  • Engage your players with a variety of ball control drills that will challenge them physically and mentally
  • Learn how to serve tough to make the rest of the game easier on your team
  • Learn how to teach defensive skills and how to cultivate the courage and heart to pursue every ball

  • Position Training Drills and Skills Series - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

    Russ Rose's collection of unique drills will spark your team's competitive fire! 

    Great fun volleyball drills for stressing the importance of teamwork and letting your team play the game of volleyball versus working on individual skills.

    Each drill uses the "Wash Scoring System:" teams play a series of two-ball rallies and must win both balls to score a point, otherwise, it's a wash and no points are scored. 

    This allows you to handicap the scoring of the games and control how the balls are delivered into play when you have a great deal of talent on one side of the net and lesser talent on the other side.

    These fun volleyball drills also allow you to separate your starters and force them to compete against each other.

    40 minutes. 2001.

    More Drills From Russ Rose

    The Complete Guide to Serving: Technique, Tactics & Drills - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

    Quick Attack and Combination Plays - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

    Russ Rose's Back Row Attack - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

    All Access Volleyball Practice with Russ Rose - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

    Becoming A Champion Video Series presented by John Dunning

    with John Dunning, Head Coach,
    Head Coach Stanford University,
    2004 & 2001 NCAA Champs;
    former University of Pacific Head Coach,
    1985 & 1986 NCAA Champions

    Coach John Dunning is one of the sport's finest technicians and has taught the game to players from youth club all the way up to the NCAA Championship-level!

    Three times Dunning has taken the NCAA crown, due in large part to the technically sound play of his athletes in all facets of the game.

    This video series has been created specifically for volleyball players to provide a resource that shows and clearly details how a volleyball player can improve in all aspects of the game!

    This series is also an excellent addition to any coaches library as it provides an excellent series of drill progressions that Dunning uses with all of his players!

    See all the items in this series!

    "Becoming a Champion" Volleyball Player Series - Volleyball -- Championship Productions, Inc.

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