Inspiring Volleyball Coach Quotes And Quotes From Other Sport Coaches

My collection of inspiring volleyball coach quotes and quotes from coaches of other sports that teach confidence, discipline, self improvement and teammanship.

I wanted to share some of my comments and volleyball coach quotes about communicating with my club players during game timeouts by talking about stats and asking them questions about what positive things they did during the match. 

"During the last part of my 2023 Tstreet Las Vegas18s club volleyball season, I started doing a version of this in some timeouts … asking players what they did positively in the last play…..the change in facial expression, body language and confidence when returning to the court … was priceless… when the focus was put on what was working as opposed to what wasn’t ….it completely instilled more fun and confidence in all the players."

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Barry Robinson's volleyball coach quotes:

In basketball after a win in the locker room a good coach will often pull out the stat sheet and list the positives of their players statistics.

For example a coach might say a player had 15 points and 12 assists emphasizing the stat that that player has 12 assist however 0 turnovers.

The coach emphasizing that the player never got bored with making good decisions.

In combat sports it would be beneficial for the development of the team and coach, in the locker room to have the stat sheet and emphasize for example the number of jabs his fighter defended and how often they disengaged when the momentum didn’t favor the fighter positionally.

This factual reflection post fight as opposed to saying things like “I’m a killer” leads to a continual development of the team, coach and fighter.

Good language is paramount to continual development.

Volleyball Coach Quotes by Coach April in reaction to Motivational Quotes by Eric Thomas

It takes courage… to be exceptional…in times of adversity.. in what seems like the darkest moments.. that’s when you need THE MOST FAITH….

in the road you’ve travelled and
the work you’ve already put in…
the effort, training, blood, sweat and tears you’ve already spent, and
in the fact that you have God given talent and skills for a reason…
and no matter what… you can and will rely on your love of your sport, your passion and discipline to be the best in it .. to get you through to accomplishing the goals you set for yourself… even if you have to walk through fire .. to accomplish them.

How much faith and confidence do you have in yourself right now?

Because that’s what you’re going to have to believe in right now…💯…believe

-April Chapple volleyball coach quotes

Volleyball Coach Quotes by Dawn Staley About Parents and Coaches 

Here are my volleyball coach quotes in response to Dawn Staley's video describing the difference between how a coach needs to think and act to their athletes vs how parents usually think and act towards their student-athletes and why...

"I know this sounds harsh but my parents said to me when I came home frustrated about a practice “if you can’t take the heat.. then get out of the kitchen. “

Best thing that could have happened because they knew
👉🏾that would piss me off,
👉🏾challenge me more and
👉🏾make me more determined to get through the next practice.. . because they also knew I wasn’t going to let that coach see or think.. that I was a quitter.

My folks were built different so that may explain a few things about me and how I coach.
You can call yourself a D1/D2 prospect or next level player but if you don’t learn to handle the pressure that actually comes with… preparing to be one.. then you’re lying to yourself. And no amount of parent negotiation/interaction with your coach is going to change that. Once you step on the court.. you’re the one responsible for making things happen (or not)
To Live through it, feel the pain and temporary discomfort of a situation .. builds Teflon skin, builds stronger internal scabs that will heal, builds resilience and emotional toughness. Having to go through some things.. “on your own” builds fortitude and if you go home or back to your dorm crying out of frustration.. that’s okay because we’ve all done it.
The tough “ next level” players tell themselves I’m going to come back tomorrow and handle whatever gets thrown at me. And will do it again each day until the pain lessons, the tears dry and I can see and feel myself getting emotionally and physically stronger while getting closer to achieving my goals.

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Master Coach Ruth Nelson's Volleyball Coach Quotes Honoring Her Friend Stephanie Schleuder's Passing 

Rest in Peace Stephanie🙏🏾

Former USA National Team, former LSU Head Coach, @gokids_ founder, and @vbmastercoaches lead .. Ruth Nelson has a message for and about volleyball coaches and what paying it forward means, dedicated to friend and mentor Stephanie Schleuder.

Volleyball Coach quotes by Master Coach Rugh Nelson...

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I sit here wondering why another one of our legendary coaches passed on when so many more could have learned from her. Is it in our sport that one thinks that because you are old, or may I say older, they have nothing more to share or teach?

Remember, you are only young once, and you feel you can take on the whole world, but all of us older ones felt like that also; however, we continued to learn from the older ones like Val Keller and Dr. Jim Coleman, to name a few.

One’s life passes so quickly that each of us must continue to learn the history of our sport to teach that to all those younger than us. Whether or not a player respects our history, it begins from the top down… so @usavolleyball could provide a resource (website) where all leaders can leave statements, comments, history, and examples of what volleyball legends have given.

This would allow parents, players, and coaches to find more information about our outstanding movers and shakers in our sport. It isn’t always about how many wins and losses you have, but how many people you have mentored along the way … “Paying it Forward” isn’t just a statement; it is genuinely giving back to the sport many of us love.

Thank you, Stephanie Schleuder, for being a pioneer I have personally enjoyed coaching against since she began her journey. And to know she is right there with another colleague @marilynmnolen McReavy, I am sure they are planning something BIG with Val, Jim, and so many others!

God Bless you, Steph, and prayers to your family, friends, players, colleagues, and social media FANS.

Volleyball Coach Quotes From Coach Dajuan Morgan

Here are my volleyball coach quotes in respose to Coach Dajuan's quotes. 

If you’re going to use the word “elite” you better BE about it not just talk about it.
Otherwise … you aren’t.
Let’s not keep using that term lightly because not everyone is. Period.
Just ask Coach. (And me😆👍🏾)
You can tell who’s “elite minded” whos focused disciplined and next level right away. #keepworking
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Dear Athlete, when you’re elite nothing you do is average.

My volleyball coach quotes about Coach Dajuan's post. 

"Lost count how many times I’ve said this👏🏾🙏🏾 Make EVERY rep mean something … that’s what practicing with intention means👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾"

Repost: @dajuanmorgan38
Dear athlete, every rep counts! You can’t just go through the motion.

Preach🔥🔥 Coach Mo👍🏾

Dear Serious Volleyball Athletes,

Here is your homework assignment this summer due Aug 1-15 when you report back to campus.



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Dear Athlete,
when you’re Not number 1 you have to outwork number 1 to take the spot.

Kiraly, the head coach of the U.S. women's 2021 Olympic gold medal team and a three-time Olympic gold medalist himself, shares methods he has learned and applied during his amazing career, including

  • the value of purposeful practice
  • dealing with adversity
  • developing willpower
  • making every minute count
  • building self-confidence
  • becoming a team player
  • understanding the value of relative greatness and much more.

Karch Kiraly's Chasing Greatness is a blueprint for becoming an ever-better version of yourself in sports and life.

No matter your age or ability level in a chosen pursuit, this informative guide will help you be a little better tomorrow than you were today.

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