5 Asics Volleyball Shoe Styles
What's So Special About These Kicks?  

Famous for creating the Rocket, the Tactic and Volley Elite lines, Asics now brings to market the Upcourt and the new Netburner Ballistic. 

Asics volleyball sponsored athlete USA Volleyball Kawika ShojiAsics volleyball sponsored athlete USA Volleyball Kawika Shoji

The Asics volleyball shoe has always been my favorite brand of competition shoe to compete in.

I loved how light they were and at the time how similar they were to running shoes. 

In this section I describe some of the features on the five most popular styles the Upcourt, the Rocket, the Netburner Ballistic, the Tactic and the Elite as well as some insight as to what options you have when looking for a good volleyball shoe. 

Asics Volleyball Volleyball Shoes:
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The ASICS Volleyball Shoe
Volley Elite

The ASICS Gel Volley Elite is one of the first models of low cut indoor volleyball shoes produced in order to support linear movements.

Linear movements happen when you move forward or backward, like when you have to pass a short ball near the ten foot line or if you have to move backwards to pass a ball served deep to you in the court.

Forward and backward movements happen often in the game... so like when you jump serve the ball or when you have to spike the ball from the back row.

Built for speed, the ASICS Gel Volley Elite was developed for players who move around alot of the court and is promoted as a shoe that's supposed to enhance a player's jumping power.

We all want that right? A higher vertical....anyone? Anyone?

Asics volleyball sponsored athlete USA Volleyball Olympic silver medalist Alisha GlassAsics volleyball sponsored athlete USA Volleyball Olympic silver medalist Alisha Glass

The Asics Volleyball Shoe
The Gel Rocket

The  ASICS Womens GEL-Rocket 8 is a Best Seller and is one of the top rated volleyball shoes on Amazon

It has always been and still is one of the most economical shoes in the Asics volleyball shoe line.

I didn't say cheap, but it is affordable. 

ASICS Womens GEL Rocket 9

The 8th and 9th generation of the ASICS' best-value GEL-Rocket Women's shoes range around a $50 - $100 price point and you will always be able to find a pair that fit your budget. 

Great for beginner players, the GEL Rocket has all of the features that make it the fave volleyball shoe for recreational, entry-level and budget-minded athletes.

It's usually one of the first shoes a 13s or 14s club player buys. 

Now for the details....

The GEL-Rocket 8 combines the traction of gum rubber with proprietary GEL Cushioning in the forefoot which "attenuates shock during impact phase." Their words, not mine. 

The "ASICS' Trusstic System enhances the midsole, reducing the weight of the sole while retaining the structural integrity.

Most fans of the shoe consider it as a great choice for budget-conscious athletes and teams who still want that competitive edge.  

Again, their words, not mine. But....

...I gotta say, I like the color selections offered for the Gel Rocket - 9 and they come in a size 14 for us girls and women who wear sizes that are larger than 12... which is awesome!

I wear a size 12 so I know I'll have no problem finding a color I like in this style if I choose to get them. 

More info provided by Asics...The 9th generation GEL Rocket shoe is also built with the with forefoot GEL® technology for shock absorption.

Other key features offered...

  • For added stability, these shoes feature the ASICS TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® technology, a molded component under the midfoot area that works to control torsion, which is supposed to help you change direction without the fear of twisting
  • Side support construction and full strobel lasting provide additional support as you make multi-directional movements
  • The removable EVA sockliner molds to the shape of your feet and can be taken out to make room for medical orthodontics

The ASICS Volleyball Shoe
(new) Volley Elite FF

New to the market this Asics volleyball shoe has been installed with the FlyteFoam technology which according to ASICS lightweight cushioning, exceptional grip and explosive response.

A seamless mesh is supposed to improve breathability and flexibility, and an updated volleyball-specific Trusstic System® technology and Octipod™ outsole are included to enhance stability and support.

Another feature offered on Volley Elite is "Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL technology cushioning system which is meant to reduce the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe." (ASICS)

This model comes in only two colors black and white and the price ranges from $100 - $130.

I'm not really impressed but you may like this model. 

The Sky Elite FF MT is a mid top version of the Volley Elite style and comes in cuter colors. This reminds me of the Kobes I see more players wear on the court in practice.

ASICS says 

"...the midsole is made from FLUIDRIDE® technology meaning it contains lightweight fibres that bounce back into shape in the space of each stride to create adaptive cushioning underfoot.

An added layer of comfort comes from the mesh insole, while the ORTHOLITE™ sockliner provides extra cushioning and effective moisture management.."

The ASICS Volleyball Shoe
Netburner Ballistic FF

The new ASICS Netburner Ballistic is the second new model offered this season which has been installed with the FlyteFoam technology which according to ASICS provides exceptional bounce back and responsiveness

There's a red, white and blue version in women's and men's sizes that's pretty funky!

This ASICS Netburner features a gripper rubber outsole for better traction and ASICS patented GEL Cushioning System for softer landings.

ASICS claims that their non-marking NC Rubber Outsole drastically increases traction.

NC Rubber contains more natural rubber content than traditional solid rubber, which enhances traction on the court for quick cuts and lateral movements.

The following is a short list of additional features the manufacturer claims are found in the ASICS Netburner Ballistic FF shoe

  • GEL Cushioning System that attenuates shock during impact phase and toe-off phases.
  • PHF (Personal Heel Fit) memory foam lined heel collar molds to athlete's heel, creating personalized fit.
  • Removable Ortholite Sockliner - Compatible with most ankle braces and washable.   

The ASICS Volleyball Shoe
Gel Tactic 2

The second generation of ASICS' popular GEL-TACTIC shoe is marketed as the most popular shoe among club volleyball players in the country.

I interpret this to mean that this is the shoe they are pushing to sell to club players which may or may not mean its the right shoe for you. 

This to me looks like a new version of the long running ASICS Gel Domain which has been revamped and re-tooled for this generation. 

ASICS claims that this shoe provides volleyball players and court athletes with an impressive combination of responsive cushioning and medial/lateral stability. 

The forefoot and rear foot both contain ASICS proprietary GEL Cushioning System for softer landings, which can be quite important for front row hitters and blockers.

In order to increase durability, the ASICS developers also built this style with a reinforced toe called the Guard Toe Protector to prevent wear from toe drag, which is a habit many back row players have. 

The Gel Tactic 2 comes in many colors and is economically priced at $59 - $100. 

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