The Free Ball Volleyball Definition: What's a Free Ball in Volleyball?

The free ball volleyball definition explains how hitters and attackers who contact the ball to send it over the net without jumping for a spike approach.

The free ball volleyball definition describes how you can attack a ball over the net without jumping or using a spike approach in an attempt to score a point for your team.

When you use the free ball as a hitter you can actually attack the ball for a point while keeping your feet on the ground and not jumping to use your spike approach to attack the ball. 

Let me explain...

The Free Ball Volleyball Definition
What's a free ball?

The Free Ball Volleyball Definition

The Free Ball Volleyball Definition: What's a Free Ball in Volleyball?

A free ball is a ball that Team A has forearm passed into Team B's court.

An easy free ball is some times considered a "gift" since the team didn't attack with a hard driven ball, a tip or a deceptive off speed shot aimed for an open space on the opposing team's court.

When Team A gives Team B a free ball it's usually because there's a miscommunication between players, whether its between passers and hitters or more likely between setters and hitters.

When Team B receives a free ball they should do everything in their power to make a perfect pass in order to run a fast attack or get the ball to their go-to player who will definitely score a point since they didn't have to work hard to get an easy ball from Team A.

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The Free Ball Volleyball Definition: What's a Free Ball in Volleyball?

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  • The Free Ball Volleyball Definition: What's a Free Ball in Volleyball?

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