The New Got Balls Volleyball T Shirt By Volleybragswag Is Sold On Etsy 

My new Got Balls Volleyball T Shirt by Volleybragswag has a mix of volleyball slang words and the plural form of "ball" to make new funny clever definitions

In March 2022, I created a new twist on the Got Balls volleyball t shirt concept. 

By combining funny sounding but often used and very popular slang words and volleyball jargon with the plural form of the word "ball" I came up with new volleyball related definitions ...that will make you laugh....because they're true. 

Why add an "s" to the word ball? For fun...and because we rarely practice with one ball...we usually practice and play with two or more...sooo there's that....

A tomahawk in volleyball is the way to contact the ball over your head while holding both of your fists together...actually one inside the other...while you hit the ball so its launched back up in the air to another player or over the net. 

According to the game rules, each team is only allowed to contact the ball three times with the third contact being the one that sends the ball over the net. 

The third contact can be a pass, set or hit in any form as long as it cleanly goes over the net and in the opposing court without committing a foul. 

Four contacts means too many players touched the ball too many times or one player touched the ball twice ...and is a foul the ref will whistle for...which means it's a sideout for the opposing team who gets a point and the right to serve. 

When a hitter gets a kill on the court other players will describe the hitting action as "Man he/she put that ball away" which translates into "Man they hit that ball really really hard to get that point."

Or a backrow player will yell at their front row hitter..."Dude PUT that ball away!" meaning "hit that ball hard enough so neither the opposing block nor their defense can replay it for a point."

A deep dish is a type of setting form which happens when a player, instead of forming a triangle above their forehead and using that to push the ball back into the air to set it, allows the ball to drop lower around their nose, chin or even chest before "reversing the direction of the ball" by pushing it back in the air....

...and allowing the ball to go deeper than normal before setting it in the air... 

You know what a "double" is right? It usually happens when you try and set the ball and instead of pushing the ball into the air in one contact the ball twice ...which is a foul that the referee has to whistle for. 

It is called by a referee because your body made contact with the ball twice, before someone else was able to contact the ball.

This action according to official volleyball rules is illegal and is called a fault.

If a hitter spikes a ball to a defender on the opposing team who digs it with her elbows bent so the ball hits her forearm and then hits her bicep before the setter has a chance to touch it, then that's a double hit.

The ball contacted the defender twice before any other teammate could touch it.

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Got Balls Volleyball T Shirts Players Are Buying on Etsy and Love To Wear On and Off The Volleyball Court

Got Balls Volleyball T Shirt 
The Volleybragswag Volleyball Ball Logo

I created the signature Volleybragswag ball while working with a designer who originally started out by just creating a word logo. 

I thought the word logo by itself was unremarkable and boring.

But a word that's one of the most interesting volleyball t shirt ideas created for a logo. 

The ball is our trademarked logo and appears in all of our Volleybragswag volleyball t shirt ideas and designs in one way or another. 

I know you're going to love the new Volleybragswag collection of beast inspired designs on 100% cotton volleyball shirts, hoodies and lots of other swag.  

If you haven't found your inspirational spirit animal on this page then be sure to find yours among the Volleybragswag collection of beast competitors in the list below

Got Balls Volleyball T Shirt Ideas: 
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