3 Ways to Sideout in Volleyball Use The Setter Dump, Overpass and Kill

Did you know there are several ways to sideout in volleyball? Your team can sideout in a rally when you're in serve receive with a setter dump, overpass or kill

Do you know what a SIDEOUT in volleyball is?

At the beginning of each rally, the referee whistles for the serving team to serve the ball to the team in serve receive. 

The History of Sideout Scoring in Volleyball

Up until the late 1990's sideout scoring was the norm... the old rule was that the only team that could score a point would be the team that served.

So the non-serving team did not automatically get a point even if they won the rally. That didn't happen until the beginning of the 2000's when the scoring system changed from sideout scoring to rally scoring.  

Rally scoring now meant that either the serving team or the non-serving team could earn a point as long as they won the rally. 

The serving team, if they win a rally, gets the right to serve again and a point, while the non-serving team, if they win a rally, rotates, gets the right to serve with a new server and gets a point.

What are different ways to earn a sideout in volleyball?

You and your team can earn a sideout in volleyball using several different skills to win a point in a rally. 

  • Setter Dump - a setter can score
  • Overpass - a passer can score
  • Kill - a hitter can score

Scroll down to read more on the three ways I talk about here to get the ball back so your team can serve the ball to start the rally and potentially score more points. 

Can you score a point in volleyball if you dont serve?

Let's talk about the overpass, the setter dump and the kill..three ways to score a point without serving. 

 Can the passer help their team sideout in volleyball?
What's an Overpass?


If you serve the ball to the opposing team and one of their passers overpasses the ball so instead of going to their setter on for a second contact, the ball crosses the net coming right back over to your court and hits the floor without any of your teammates reacting to dig it or pass it up.. then that my friend is an overpass kill.

This happens a lot in beginner volleyball when players don’t have enough ball control skills yet.

So now your team, the serving team has lost the chance to serve again to the opposing team who now gets the ball to serve ..and a point. 

That's also called a sideout in volleyball for the team in serve receive. 

 Can the setter help their team sideout in volleyball?
What's a setter dump?

Setter Dump

Let’s say you are still serving the ball for your team… your serve crosses the net and the opposing team passes the ball successfully to their setter.

If their setter is in the front row, which means if she has rotated up to be in zone 4, or zone 3 or zone 2 then she can choose to attack the ball by tipping it over the net (and your blockers) on the second contact to an empty spot on your court.

By doing this she/he tricks your teams blockers and diggers who are waiting for her/him to set the ball to one of their hitters for the third contact.

A setter dump that hits the floor without the opposing team digging it up is considered a kill for the setter.

Their team has earned the right to get the ball back to serve and gets a point for their team on the scoreboard. 

And wouldn't you know it? This is also called a sideout in volleyball for the team in serve receive.

How do you use a kill to sideout in volleyball?


Everyone knows that spiking the ball aggressively hard with a powerful armswing so it hits the floor before any oppsoing team player can dig it and make it a playable ball... is a way to score a point for your team.

In the words used to describe volleyball actions by hitters and attackers on the stat sheets .. this is called a kill.

When a spiker changes their attack and uses their fingertips during an open hand tip to get the ball to the floor of the opposing court without anyone digging it… this is called a kill too!

Just done in a different attacking style.

And guess what? An overpass is considered a kill if it hits the floor on the opponents side, too.

If the overpass kill was done by the receiving team then that’s a point and a sideout in volleyball.

If it’s done in the middle of a rally after a digger digs the ball and it’s dug right over the net by a defender on the team that served the ball.. the serving team gets the ball back and a point and the same server serves again to start the next rally.

So is a setter dump considered a kill for the setter?

Yes indeed. You got it!

The setter dump done successfully is a setter kill..if done for the team in serve receive… they rotate, get a point and a new server serves to start the next rally.

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What Is A Side Out? Four Ways To Earn A Point And The Right To Serve:
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