Volleyball Rotation Rules What Happens After Your Team Wins A Point?

Understand what the volleyball rotation rules are after your team has won a rally which means they won a point the right to rotate and the right to serve. 

The volleyball rotation rules on this page are the bare essentials of what you must know as a high school  player trying out for your varsity team.

Volleyball Rotation Rules:
How is the starting rotation established?

  • The starting rotation is determined by the coach when he fills in his lineup sheet with the starting six players at the beginning of each set
  • If the team has a libero, the libero starts on the court while the referee checks the lineup, then they return to the bench to let the front row player they'll come in for start the game until its time for them to come in

Volleyball Rotation Rules:
Can a libero serve in volleyball?

In college and high school indoor volleyball rules a libero can serve when they come in the game.

In international volleyball play, the libero does not serve. They come onto the court after the player they are coming in for, has served.  

Volleyball Rotation Rules
How do you rotate in volleyball?

  • If the serving teams wins the rally, they get a point, the right to serve again, they do not rotate so the same server gets to serve again until they lose a rally
  • If the serving team loses the rally, the opposing team gets to serve but must rotate first so the same server doesn't serve twice

Volleyball Rotation Rules
Can a player move more than two positional rotations on the court?

  • A player must rotate to all three positions without skipping a position in the front row before rotating to the backrow
  • A player must rotate to all three positions without skipping a position in the backrow before rotating to the front row

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