What Are Beach Volleyball Rules For Setting? Bump Set Or Hand Setting?

What are the beach volleyball rules for setting in the sand and why do most beach players opt to bump set in volleyball instead of hand setting in the wind. 

What Are Beach Volleyball Rules For Setting in Volleyball? Bump Set vs Hand Setting

Beach Volleyball Setting Rules Are Stricter Than Indoor Rules

This is because the beach rules for setting the ball are much stricter than they are for indoor setting.

According to the basic beach volleyball setting rules...you cannot

  • double
  • mishandle
  • throw 
  • hold the ball by letting it come to a stop in your hands

These beach volleyball setting rules can initially be hard to deal with for indoor players who don't have a setter background.

For non setters who never had to do a ton of setting reps in their indoor practices...this is a whole new world of having to learn how to become a good setter on

  • a two person team
  • covering a bigger court
  • against a brightly lit sky
  • often in windy conditions

No pressure, right?

It's frustrating because when you hand set the ball like you are used to doing, it feels like you are just giving away easy points to the opposing team by committing unforced errors while trying to use your hands which of course is something you've trained to do for years in indoor.

The good news is that everybody, including pro beach players and experienced indoor pro players who come out to learn how to play beach volleyball, all of them experience two things:

  • the initial frustration of deciding when to use their hands to set the ball and
  • realizing that in the sand the volleyball bump set can save you from giving away easy points.

I know this for a fact because it happened to me.

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