Watch Beach Volleyball Videos To Learn How To Play Beach Volleyball 

Beach volleyball videos have grown popular as pro beach players record Youtube videos that they use to instruct their subscribers how to play beach volleyball. 

Beach volleyball videos featuring professional beach players have grown in popularity as self coaching tools for new and beginning players and inexperienced coaches looking to improve their skills and understand the sport. 

I think it's a  great coaching tool when you can hear professional beach volleyball players who have played for years talk directly to you about how to perform the beach volleyball skills that made them champions of the game.

Back in the day I always liked to watch beach volleyball on TV when pro beach volleyball champions like Dain Blainton, Karch Kiraly, Mike Dodd, Kerri Walsh and Holly McPeak did the color commentary with Chris Marlowe for the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour games on television.

Now the American McKibbin Brothers and Canadian Sara Pavan have built huge followings with subscribers from all over the world who log on to hear their instructional beach volleyball videos. 

Listening to them on TV and recording their episodes was like having my own beach volleyball coaches that I could listen to and take sand volleyball tips from that I could later use in practice or try in a game.

All these pro beach volleyball players represent some of the greatest beach volleyball players in the history of the AVP.

They are past Olympians with multiple gold, silver and bronze medals in indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. 

Watching certain beach volleyball training videos produced by them and other professional players like them gives you an opportunity to learn skills from the players who had to use these tips and techniques in order to win as many games as they have.

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Beach volleyball is not an easy sport. It's not one that you conquer right away.

Beach videos that feature players that have actually won titles and championships and played professionally are really good tools for young beach volleyball players to learn from and possibly gain an advantage over opponents with the knowledge gained.

The McKibbin brothers mission states: 

We are professional beach volleyball players on the AVP and our mission is to grow the sport by teaching ALL of what we have picked up over the years through skills tutorials, drill walk-throughs, and an inside look into our weight training regimen.

Listening and watching beach videos with professional beach volleyball players is like going to volleyball training school.

The more you do it...the better volleyball player you can become.

Record Your Own AVP Beach Volleyball Videos on Amazon Prime 

Since 2018, Amazon Prime has added live video broadcasts of the AVP Tour "bringing you a front row seat to AVP action."  from some of the most knowledgeable cities and locales in the US.

Houston, Huntingdon Beach, Austin, New York and Seattle are popular spots on the tour that the AVP and Prime Video live stream to their audiences.  

This is another amazing opportunity to watch the action but also to go behind the scenes to see what the players are thinking, how they strategize..with or without their coaches and how they perform under pressure with the whole world watching. 

Read more beach volleyball information on the pages below. 

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