The Rules of Volleyball: Learn The Volleyball Basics On How To Play  

Learning how to play volleyball is for beginners to quickly understand the basic rules skills and positions of the game. 

So you're interested in learning how to play volleyball?

First let's get you familiar with the rules of the volleyball game. Then you'll need to know the six basic skills before learning how to play volleyball.

Let's start with a simple list of the basic volleyball rules....

Learning The Rules of Volleyball

Learning The Rules of Volleyball
How Does A Team Play?

The Rally, The Referee, The Court

  • Three players on a team stay in the front court  and three players stay in the back court. During a rally, players cannot switch from front court to back court. During a rally a front row player can switch positions with a front row player on her team only after the head referee has blown the whistle to start the rally
  • In addition to front row and back row, there are six invisible zones on each court. 
  • In the back row the right back area is Zone 1, the middle back area of the back row is Zone 6, the left back area is Zone 5, 
  • Moving up to front row the left front area starting from inside the ten foot line to the net is called Zone 4, moving to the right to the middle of the net area is Zone 3 and again moving clockwise to the right is Zone 2. 
  • Players rotate clockwise every time their team wins the rally. The player who rotates to Zone 1 is the player who serves to start the rally. Teams do not rotate until they win a rally

Learning The Rules of Volleyball
How Does a Team Win?

Errors, Points, Rotations and Scoring


Now that we've discussed a few simple game rules, let's review the basic skills you need to know before learning how to play volleyball. 

Learning How To Play Volleyball: Where Do I Go From Here?

What you just read was just  a warmup!

Just like in volleyball practice, you do a little stretching to warm up your muscles before getting into the real meaty part of practice.

Here you go through a light review of everything before you really begin to dig deep and take each rule, each position, each skill and really explore it, learn to do tons of reps and go over each drill repeatedly until you get it right. 

Read...  How To Play Volleyball and Win to get started...

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