The Underhand Volleyball Serve How Should A Beginner Serve The Basics

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The Underhand Volleyball Serve How Should A Beginner Serve The Basics

Here's a ten step check list for beginners who can easily learn in ten steps how to perform the underhand volleyball serve.

Here's a ten-step underhand volleyball serve checklist for beginner players.

Learn how to boost your serve game and drastically impact your ability to make big contributions to your squad from the service line. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.1: Find Balance 

For right handers place your right foot behind your left so your right foot is perpendicular to your left and both feet are four (4) to five (5) inches apart.

Make this a comfortable, balanced stance so you do not feel like falling over. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.2: Point Your Feet 

Point your left foot in the exact direction you want to serve.

Point your left foot, hips, and upper body straight ahead if you want to serve down the line.

Turn your left foot, hips, and upper body facing cross court if serving there. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.3: Face-Time

Face your target.

Show everybody in the gym where you intend to serve for the floater serve.

Pointing to one spot and serving another rarely "fakes out" the serve receive. You will always be off-balance, increasing your chances of serving out. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.4: Move Forward

Hold the ball in the palm of your left hand while placing your open palm of your right hand on top of the ball to start. 

Place your front foot, hips, shoulders, and tossed ball in the direction you plan to serve.

You can create more force and velocity when all your energy is going in one direction (which is ball speed in this case) than when different body parts are going in different directions. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.5: Keep Your Weight Back 

Put all your body weight on your back foot. Serving requires only a small amount of lower body movement. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.6: Shift Gears

Shift your body weight from your back foot to the front foot once while stepping forward to contact the ball.

Although this movement doesn't seem like much, when it's combined with your arm swing, it's enough to give the ball the momentum needed to get over the net. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.7: The Magic Spot 

With a straight elbow swing your right arm back keeping it close to your side before swinging it forward.

Contact the bottom of the ball (at 6pm on the ball) with a closed right fist using the underarm swinging motion to create the force and momentum to get the ball over the net. 

Keep your body balanced so you only have to transfer weight from your back foot to your front foot, quicken your arm swing, and make solid contact with the ball's bottom panels with the top of your fist. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.8: Elbow Straight 

Keep your elbow straight when serving.

This increases the chances of getting the ball over the seven-foot net when you pull or draw your arm back to underhand serve the ball. 

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.9: Rinse and Repeat 

Do the same thing every time you serve.

Create a ritual you perform each time you serve so you don't rush your serve.

That could be bouncing the ball three times in a row, then taking a breath, and pointing your foot in the direction you want to serve before serving.

Work it out so you do the same thing every time, whatever it is.

Underhand Volleyball Serve Tip
No.10: Slow Down 

Remember this is the only time that you completely control the game.

Maintain control by taking your time and being completely aware of everything you plan to do before you serve the ball. 

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Volleyball Serving Basics 
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