My Wolf, Koala and Lion Volleyball Lover Animal T Shirt is For Hitters 

If you're a volleyball playing animal lover in the outside hitter position then our Volleybragswag lion, koala and wolf shirts will make great volleyball gifts. 

The designs for the animal t shirt collection I created for Volleybragswag was to motivate front row specialists like left side and right side hitters and are inspired by three of my favorite beasts, the koala, the wolf and the lion. 

My Wolf, Koala and Lion Volleyball Lover Animal T Shirt is For Hitters Who Love The Game

Ladies and gentlemen, meet T.T. MUGB the White Lion, Whistler the Wolf and Coco the Koala

Shop My Wolf, Koala and Lion Volleyball Lover Animal T Shirt available in my Volleybragswag/Etsy shop.Shop My Wolf, Koala and Lion Volleyball Lover Animal T Shirt available in my Volleybragswag/Etsy shop.

Yep, I said Koala...continue on to read why I made these choices and why I think getting an animal t shirt will help boost your confidence on the court.

The Volleybragswag
Animal T Shirt

Stars T.T. MUGB
the White Lion

Meet T.T. MUGB the Volleybragswag White Lion Left Side Hitter an O.G. member of the All Beast First Team.

His name speaks for itself.

"T.T. Mugb" is his nickname and its short for      “Things That Make You Go “BOOM”!

Cute, right?

T.T. is a true beast on the court who hits like a cannon.  

You best believe the opposing blockers learn to respect him quickly at the beginning of matches because he's known to reliably score points for his team in critical moments of the game. 

With an arm swing that’s hard to read, T.T. has a 42-inch vertical that he uses in combination with a roundhouse armswing...

...just one of the weapons he uses to help him average 5 kills per set. 

Shop My Wolf, Koala and Lion Volleyball Lover Animal T Shirt available in my Volleybragswag/Etsy shop.

His nickname is “King.” Can you guess why?

That’s T.T.’s swag, what’s yours? 

The Volleybragswag Animal T Shirt Stars Whistler the Volleybragswag Wolf One of the Cutest Volleyball Shirts on ETSY

Meet my man, Whistler the Wolf!

What position does Whistler play?

Well ..let me Europe when you can play ANYWHERE in the front row...then that position is called the "Universal."

That means  no matter how good the opposing team is if you're a Universal your coach will put you in for anybody in the right or left side to hit or block on the front row (except the setter) and you'd be expected to hit and block....very very well.

That's why Whistler is so valuable to his team.

He puts in hours of hitting and blocking reps on both sides of the net as a left side and right side hitter so he feels comfortable scoring, no matter what. 

Why is he called "Whistler?"

Because he hits so hard, the ball whistles before making a hole in the floor.

Now that's legit!

The Volleybragswag Animal T Shirt
With Coco the Koala Is A Bestseller

Calling all opposites!

Coco challenges all high school right side hitters to "Bring out your beast" on the volleyball court like she does. 

Don't let the big expressive eyes and the cute cheeks and innocent looking face fool you, Coco the Volleybragswag Koala is a BEAST on the court.

She isn't a starter but when she goes in, she puts up a big block and loves to hit 'Back one's', X’s and 'reds' put right on the antenna so she can hit down the line which is her specialty. 

Coco has really long arms and uses them to her advantage by reaching high and swinging fast when she hits which are two of the top reasons why she averages 3 kills per set.

Don't underestimate Coco’s swag, just tell me what’s yours?

Happy shopping!

I know you're going to love the new Volleybragswag collection of beast inspired designs on 100% cotton volleyball shirts, hoodies and lots of other swag.  

If you haven't found your inspirational spirit animal on this page then be sure to find yours among the Volleybragswag collection of beast competitors in the list below

The Volleybragswag Volleyball Ball Design

I created the signature Volleybragswag ball while working with a designer who originally started out by just creating a word logo. 

I thought the word logo by itself was unremarkable and boring.

But a word that's one of the most interesting volleyball t shirt ideas created for a logo. 

The ball is our trademarked logo and appears in every Volleybragswag animal tshirt and volleyball tshirt design. 

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