Volleyball T-Shirt Design By Volleybragswag Is Beast Inspired Attire 

Volleybragswag designs feature an all-beast lineup of volleyball players with each animal symbolizing one of six volleyball skills.
Meet the starters!

In 2013 I started commissioning the creation of my first Volleybragswag beast player.

I began by choosing an animal that would be the alterego of a setter. 

I wanted an animal that middle school and high school players could relate to... like a volleyball superhero they could adopt.

I wanted to help them become that confident aggressive player they need to be on the court. 

Here in Vegas when I coach this age group especially, I find that they completely transform themselves when I tell them to imagine themselves as a particular animal. 

The Volleybragswag OWL volleyball t shirt design is a perfect addition to your cute back to school outfits.

My volleyball t-shirt design ideas were based on creating this for six animals, competitive looking and acting beasts that embody and represent the characteristics of each of the six volleyball skills. 

Meet the starting six players.

The animals I chose aren't all commonly used as "athletic representatives" in school or volleyball logos but I felt they were perfect representatives of a particular court skill. 

The first animal I chose to represent the setter was the raccoon. 

Volleyball T-Shirt Design
Meet Ricci the Volleybragswag Raccoon

The setter is the team's fearless court leader, who runs the offense and quite often, is the captain.

I chose the raccoon because it fearlessly goes out at night to scavenge, hunt and usually operates in teams. 

I also chose the raccoon because of the "bandit" quality of the animal.

A setter "steals" opportunities and makes them work for her team.

With hands of butter, Ricci outsmarts the opposing team's middle blockers with a fast offense for her quick hitters and high ball precision for her big jumpers. 

She leads her team of bandits like Robin Hood, so well, in fact they’re always the first to five. 

That’s Ricci’s swag, what’s yours? 

Volleyball T-Shirt Design
Meet O.I.Gotchu the Volleybragswag Octopus

Meet O. I. Gotchu the Volleybragswag Octopus - Libero All Beast First Team 

She can almost be in two places at once.

She covers the middle of the court because she reads the hitter so well, tips just don’t seem to fall. 

O.I. averages 5 digs per set. 

That’s O.I.’s swag, what’s yours? 

Volleyball T-Shirt Design
Meet T.T. Mugb the Volleybragswag Lion

T.T. MUGB the Volleybragswag White Lion Left Side Hitter - All Beast First Team.

The name speaks for itself. T.T. Mugb is short for “Things That Make You Go “BOOM”

He hits like a cannon so the opposing blockers respect him faster. 

With an armswing that’s hard to read he has a 42-inch vertical and a roundhouse armswing that helps him average 5 kills per set. 

His nickname is "King."

That’s T.T.’s swag, what’s yours?

Be sure to you use the TT Mugb volleyball t shirt design to add to your ideas for cute back to school outfits. 

Volleyball T-Shirt Design
Meet Tatoo the Volleybragswag White Tiger

Tatoo the White Tiger - Jump Serve Specialist

Volleybragswag All Beast Team - Honorable Mention

She serves so hard she leaves a mark. 

Averages 3 aces per set. 

Jump float and jump top spin  are her swag, what’s yours? 

Volleyball T-Shirt Design
Meet Ten Cent the Volleybragswag Beach Volleyball Bulldog

Ten Cent the Bulldog is the left side beach player who passes dimes on the regular. 

He prefers the standing floater serve on the sand, loves to share blocking responsibilities with his partner and has a cobra he whips out on occasion that scores way too many times. 

Banging cross court into the wind is Ten Cent’s swag, what’s yours?

Volleyball T-Shirt Design
Meet G.B. Blash the Volleybragswag Grizzly Bear

Volleyball T-Shirt Design By Volleybragswag Is Beast Inspired Attire created in 2013 by April Chapple. Meet G.B. Blash the Volleybragswag Grizzly Bear, the middle blocker.Volleyball T-Shirt Design By Volleybragswag Is Beast Inspired Attire created in 2013 by April Chapple. Meet G.B. Blash the Volleybragswag Grizzly Bear, the middle blocker.

G.B. Blash Volleybragswag Grizzly Bear - Middle Blocker All Beast First Team

He watches the opposing setter like he watches a beehive.


For a big guy he moves fast and ROOFs players easily with giant paws that crush many balls.  

G.B. averages 5 blocks per set. 

Volleyball T-Shirt Design
The Volleybragswag Ball Logo

I created the signature Volleybragswag ball while working with a designer originally starting with a word logo. 

I thought the word logo by itself was unremarkable and boring. But a word ball...now that's interesting. 

The ball is our trademarked logo and appears in every Volleybragswag volleyball t-shirt design. 

This has been an important message by your favorite volleyball coach! That's me!!

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