6 Types of Sets in Volleyball Fun Setting Terms In My New T-Shirt Line

6 types of sets in volleyball are featured in my hilarious volleyball t-shirt line with fun tongue-in-cheek designs sure to make players and fans laugh.

There are some types of sets in volleyball that have funny slang terms that describe ways to set a ball that I chose to use on my new line of volleyball tshirts and power nap player pillows. 

A set that's delivered after a pass in serve receive or after a dig in defense is usually delivered to a hitting zone in front of a spiker in the front row and sometimes in the back row who's ready to attack the set over the net in an effort to score a point. 

Types of Sets in Volleyball: The Overset


If your setter sets the ball during a rally on a second contact, and the ball goes over the hitter's head and misses the target zone where the hitter needs to attack the ball its called an overset. 

The set missed its target zone and is now an unhittable ball. If the overset lands out of bounds then its a sideout and ball is rewarded to the opposing team.

If the set goes over the hitter's head and lands on the opponent's court floor without anyone touching it or playing it up is a point for the setter's team. 

Types of Sets in Volleyball: The Deep Dish

deep dish

The deep dish is a style of setting usually done by beach players where instead of forming triangle shaped hands above your forehead and setting the ball by pushing the ball immediately to the ceiling and in the direction of your target, which is the normal way of setting ...

..the deep dish style is used when a player lets the ball come down pass their forehead and closer to their nose before setting it back up to the ceiling or sky towards their intended target. 

Using this style usually means the setter is holding onto the ball longer than what they'd do if they were using the normal setting technique. 

Types of Sets in Volleyball: The Lift


A lift is a setting violation which the referee calls on a player who holds onto the ball for too long when they're performing the setting action.

Types of Sets in Volleyball: The Dime


A dime is what a player will call a perfect set that's delivered without spin and falls right to the target zone the ball was intended to get to. 

When a player is told they're "setting dimes" or "passing dimes" that means everyone knows they're delivering perfectly passed or perfectly set balls to the target without making the target move, at all. 

Its a huge compliment.

Types of Sets in Volleyball: The Trap Set

trap set

A trap set is a ball that's been set to a particular hitter but it drifts too close to the net and the opposing blocker's hands.

So now the set is impossible to hit because the hitter doesn't have enough space or time to attack the ball over the net or over the block...this type of set is called a trap set. 

Types of Sets in Volleyball: The Double


A double is a setting violation (or a passing violation) called when a setter or whoever is setting the ball (or passer) touches or contacts the ball twice before the ball is redirected back in the air towards its intended target. 

The basic rules in volleyball state that each team is only allowed three contacts per side. If a player contacts the ball twice, that means one side has made four contacts...and that's a foul which becomes a sideout or a direct point. 

Types of Sets in Volleyball: The Carry


A "carry" is a setting violation and is similar to a "lift".

When the ball comes to a stop in the hands of the setter before its redirected to its intended target ..during the pause when the ball is stopped for a brief second if the player moves their hands from one spot to the another...and "carries" the ball while its still in their fingers that's a foul and becomes a sideout and point for the opposing team.  


deep dish



trap set



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