How to Set In Volleyball In Order To Make Point Scoring Opportunities

Advanced setters know how to set in volleyball in order to help create point scoring opportunities for their hitters to easily score against opposing blockers 

The advanced setter learns how to set in volleyball by calling the combination plays that're made up of different types of sets, that vary in

  • speed 
  • height 
  • location on the net

and are delivered in an overhand contact and called with the use of hand signals to each of their eligible hitters when running the team offense. 

How to Set In Volleyball In Order To Make Point Scoring Opportunities

This is how setters can deliver faster balls to their middle and outside hitters to create point scoring opportunities so they can outsmart the opposing team's blockers.

All State Durango varsity setter Tehani Faitau sets a back one to assistant Coach Tibbs

If a setter can fake out an opposing team's middle blocker by getting her to stay in the middle while she sets the ball to one of her outside hitters, then that increases the chances of her outside hitter scoring by hitting the ball to the opponent's floor.

Why is this?

When an outside hitter goes up to hit, they usually have two blockers go up in front of them to try and stop them from hitting into their court.

One is the blocker that's in front of them and the other is the opposing team's middle blocker. 

If the setter can make the opposing middle blocker think that she's going to set her middle, then the opposing middle blocker has to stay and block the middle hitter. 

But if at the last minute the setter can shoot a faster set out to her outside hitter before the opposing middle gets outside to help her teammate, the opposing outside blocker, then the hitter has a better chance of scoring against one blocker instead of two. 

The faster volleyball setters run their offense, the harder it is for the opposing team's middle blocker to go back and forth along the net to try and block the outside hitters. 

How To Set in Volleyball
Combination Volleyball Plays

Combination volleyball plays are a combination of sets that setters call to hitters that vary in speed, height and location on the net.

  • 4 - 1 - 5 - a high ball to left front, a one in the middle and high ball back to Zone 2. 

  • 31 - 32 - a 31 to Zone 3/4 for the middle hitter and a 32 to Zone 3/4 just behind the middle hitter for the outside hitter

  • X play - is a front one and the right side player comes around in front of the setter to hit a front 2

  • Fake X - same as above but the right side hitter fakes like they're going to Zone 3 but then at the last minute they go back and hit the back two instead of the front 2

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How To Set in Volleyball:
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