What Is A Volleyball Sideout? Learn How To Get Your Balls Back To Serve 

A volleyball sideout happens when the team in serve receive wins a rally and earns a point for their team, they rotate once and a new server gets to serve.

When you are on a team that's receiving the serve and your team wins the rally, it's called a volleyball sideout and that means your team gets to serve the ball to start the next rally. 

In order to sideout during a rally your team can use different skills to win a point in a rally.

What is a kill and why is it a way to sideout in volleyball?

What is a kill in volleyball?

A kill is a way to score a direct point or a sideout during a rally either with

  • a hard attack or a
  • a soft attack

A hard attack is a hard hit spiked ball from the front court which is anywhere in front of the ten foot line whether in Zone 4, on the left side, Zone 3 in the middle or Zone 2 on the right side. 

A hard attack can also come from the backrow in the form of a backrow attack from Zone 5, Zone 6 or Zone 1. 

You can get a kill if you use a soft attack as one of your attack options in volleyball like when you use

These are both two ways for your team to sideout with a kill in a game. 

What is a setter dump and why is it a way to sideout in volleyball?

A setter dump that hits the floor without the opposing team digging it up is considered a kill for the setter and is a point and a sideout for the receiving team who now gets a chance to rotate and serve to start the next rally.

If your setter is in the front row then they are one of three players who can attack the ball in a rally. One way a setter can choose to "attack" is with a hard attack or a soft attack.

In a rally where the receiving team's setter is front row... let's say the team's in defense  and the right back defender digs the ball up sending the ball cross court.

Then the libero or whoever is playing left back in defense steps in to set the ball to the right front position where the setter who's front row uses a spike to send the ball over the net.  

In another example, the setter is still front row and her passer passes the ball right to her..now she/he can choose to set anyone in the front row, the back row or use a soft attack, like a tip to redirect the ball over the block to open spot on the opposing team's court floor. 

This is called a setter dump and if the ball hits the floor without the opposing team getting it up, then that's a volleyball sideout for the receiving team who earns a point and the right to rotate and serve the next ball to start the new rally. 

What is an overpass and why is it a way to earn a volleyball sideout?

Have you ever been on the receiving side with your team in a rally and you get served the ball and the ball goes over the net instead of to your setter?

It happens to even the best passers in the game.

That ball that goes right over the net without being contacted by your setter is called an ..overpass

Well, if that ball gets picked up by the opposing team then the rally continues...

..but if the pass hits the floor then that overpass scores a direct point for the receiving team who now gets the right to rotate and serve to start the beginning of the next rally.

That's called a volleyball sideout.   

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