The Spike in Volleyball Learn 7 Ways To Improve Your Hitting Skills 

Using the block is one of the hitting skills spikers need to know in order to score more points in offense with their spike in volleyball for their team.

Volleyball Skills Attack Strategies Hitters Need To Know

"Using the block" is one of the most important attacking skills a hitter uses in against big blockers to score points in the front row. 

When a hitter decides to

these volleyball phrases all mean that they will wipe the outside hand of the blocker with the ball in order to score a point.

If you want to improve your volleyball hitting percentage you should work hard on this skill in your practice during blocking drills because its very effective, especially for smaller outside hitters

they can rely on

  • when they can't hit over or
  • hit the ball past the block.

This is a way to use the block to your advantage.

The "wiping or using the block" is a hitting technique is based on a spiker learning how to spike a volleyball in a way that they aim the ball for the outside hand of the blocker that's closest to the antenna,.

After the ball is deflected off of the outside hand of the blocker it bounces outside the court lines.

Since the blocker is the last person to touch the ball then this is a point for the hitter and the team that's on offense.

Volleyball Skills Attack Strategies 
Why Is Using The Block So Effective?

"Using the block" is one of the most effective attack strategies for the spike in volleyball because the defensive player playing behind the blocker who's hand last touched the ball, will find it very difficult to defend or dig a ball up that's already on it's way outside of the court's boundary lines.

With this blocking volleyball form, the blocker increases the chances of the hitter using her block because her body and her hands are facing and moving outside the court  instead of facing and moving inside the court.

This is exactly how "using the block" makes it easier for the hitter to aim for the blocker's hands. 

If the Michigan hitter in the white jersey swings and aims the ball for her left hand, the ball will bounce off her hand and then out of bounds.

This would be a point for the hitter, because she used the blocker's own hands with her spike in volleyball to score a point for the offense.

The Spike in Volleyball
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