2 High School Volleyball Tips On How To Use Your Communications Skills

One of my high school volleyball tips is to be the back row quarterback who maximizes your communication skills to help guide your team through every play.

Two High Volleyball Tips 

Use Your Communication Skills To Help Guide Your Team

You want to talk to your teammates before, during and after the game in order to give them valuable information about what plays you see happening.

You can direct traffic by calling out plays you see developing.

Many times if a back row player is really concentrating she will see how the opposing team's play is developing just like the front row player does.

If you're in the back row and you see the right front hitter on the opposing team start to slide over to run the "X " play behind her middle blocker then from the back row you need to call out "Watch the X!"

"Watch number 15 coming around" You need to say it loud enough so all your teammates can hear it.

If you see the fake "X" developing which is what a lot of setters call after running the X then you need to call out what you see. "Watch number 15 coming around for the fake X".

Let your blockers hear you, let your defensive players hear you, let your teammates hear you.

There are no secrets on the volleyball court. One of my most important high school volleyball tips is to talk and don't stop talking while in the backrow. Let your teammates know what to expect.

If a girls varsity volleyball player on the opposing team goes through her front row rotation and all the points she makes are by wiping off the block or hitting cross court, the next time she rotates up to the left front you go up and out loud you need to tell your front row blockers in a loud voice "Hey that #15 hit everything cross court the last time she was front row. Be ready for her cross court attack."

This is a very good way of "getting inside" your opponent's head.  Also, this action shows the varsity volleyball coach your leadership skills.  

The coach should see that you are invested in helping your team win, even when you aren't in a position to touch the ball.

This shows initiative and lets the coach know that you are aware of what is going on in the game and you're doing what it takes to help your team win.

The girls varsity volleyball player who takes on the responsibility of becoming the backrow quarterback doesn't have to be the tallest or the quickest player on the team.

But she will turn out to be one of the smartest girls on the team.

High School
Volleyball Tips
Fake It Until You Make It

If you are not on your girls varsity volleyball team yet but you are reading this website and these pages to figure out how to be, start following the tips and suggestions outlined on this page. 

You'll notice that several of these suggestions are about attitude and not ball handling skill.

Your attitude and your behavior and your habits are things you CAN control. And you can control them starting now so they become natural and normal to you.

So when you do get in front of that coach, these habits will be normal for you and as a freshman you will already know how to behave and carry yourself like a girls varsity volleyball player.

Trust me....that will get you noticed. 

For more great advice on how to make your varsity team continue reading the articles in the Girls Varsity Volleyball Player section. 

Girls Varsity Volleyball Guide For New Coaches
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