How To Attack In Volleyball Tipping The Ball With An Open Hand Dink

How to attack in volleyball with my 3 attacking strategies using your open hand dink to put the ball in an open spot so you can vary your attack hits to score. 

How To Attack In Volleyball Tipping The Ball With An Open Hand Dink
Learn To Use The Tip To Use The Block

If you're an outside hitter then you can use that strategy I talked about above to your advantage by aiming the tip for the external wrist and arm of the outside blocker in front of you.

Many hitters practice spiking a ball against the arms of the blocker so that the ball comes back outside their court boundary line which gives the hitter's team the point.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this technique is called "wiping off the block", or "using the block".

Well, you can do the same thing with the tip.

Instead of hitting the ball hard, if you get a set that's a little too close to the opposing blocker and you still need to do something to score a point, go up to tip the ball and aim it for the outside arm of the blocker, the arm that's closest to the antenna.

Just as you do when you're spiking a volleyball, make sure the blocker is the last person to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds on your side of the court.

Now, that's called "using the block" with your tip.

How To Attack In Volleyball Tipping The Ball With An Open Hand Dink: The Joust 
It's Good To Be Last

Once again this exit strategy you can try will always be useful to you because it’s extremely difficult for the opposing volleyball team’s defense to pick this ball up.

If you find yourself in a joust with a blocker on the opposing team, then you want to be sure to be the last player to touch the ball.

A joust happens when you are spiking a ball and your set may float over the net more than you expect, so now you are forced to just jump up and push the ball over the net.

Almost at the same instant, the opposing team's blocker who is blocking against you realizes that you wont be able to hit the ball like you wanted to because the ball is floating over the net a little too far out of your spiking arm reach.

So now both of you see the same ball that is directly over the net, half on your side and half on their side and you both jump up to push the ball over on the other player's net.

When you both contact the ball, over the net, in midair at the same time, that is called a joust.

The second volleyball player to touch the ball has the advantage because she is going up and pushing the ball over while the first player is on the way down, losing her momentum and moving away from the ball.

In practice when you are learning how to attack in volleyball make sure you work on perfecting this jousting technique so you can use it to score points against the block.

Let's Discuss How To Attack In Volleyball By Tipping The Ball With An Open Hand Dink: 
Tip Deep in the Court

When learning how to attack in volleyball practice drills, another tipping strategy to practice is tipping the ball deep in the court.

Often volleyball hitters will choose to automatically tip behind the block in an emergency situation, especially when they can’t see the open areas of the court.

In practice, you should remember to rehearse tipping deep to open areas in the opposing team's court so that it becomes a normal habit, regardless of what situation you find yourself in.

To make yourself into a valuable point scoring hitting weapon you want to have a collection of options to use instead of relying on just hard volleyball spikes so that you have an offensive option that you can fall back on in any situation.

Learning how to attack in volleyball consistently for points in many ways is like learning how to play chess.

There are certain moves that you want to make so that

a) it’s hard for the opposing volleyball team to figure out what you’re going to do next and

b) it’s easier for you to score points or sideouts in the latter part of the game.

How To Attack in Volleyball
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