Playing in the NCAA Volleyball Tournament is a Vegas Player's Goal

Most college players set a goal for themselves and their team to play in the NCAA volleyball tournament.

Many Vegas players who play in college set a goal with their team to qualify to play in the NCAA volleyball tournament at the end of the season.Many Vegas players who play in college set a goal with their team to qualify to play in the NCAA volleyball tournament at the end of the season.

Playing in the NCAA volleyball tournament playoffs is the dream for most every Vegas college volleyball player and teams competing in Division I, II or III.

That's one of the most important goals usually set at the beginning of the season by many college volleyball coaches at the beginning of each season.

NCAA Volleyball Tournament
How Do The Playoffs Work in Division I?

In Division I, although 31 college volleyball teams receive automatic bids to the NCAA volleyball tournament playoffs, 22 of the 31 of these college teams must first win their conference championship tournament at the end of their regular season.

These conference winners receive an automatic bid to the NCAA volleyball playoffs tournament.

So even if they aren't first place at the end of their regular season, they have another chance to get into the NCAA volleyball playoffs by winning their conference championship tournament.

NCAA Volleyball Montage featuring footage from {Oregon, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, Baylor, Purdue, Clemson, UCLA, Michigan, UNC, Ole Miss, Iowa, Florida, FSU, Arizona, Corban, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Auburn, Illinois, Greenville College, Kentucky, K-State, Samford, BYU, and Stanford Volleyball.

The teams in the other nine conferences are competing hard from the day they step on the court for their first day of practice because the first place winner of the regular season in the Atlantic Coast, Big 12, Big West, Big Ten, Ivy League, Mountain West, Pac-12,  Southeastern and  West Coast conferences... receive automatic bids to the NCAA volleyball playoff tournament each year.  

In the past few years the college volleyball conferences with the most at large bids were the Big Ten and Pac-12 and now the Big 12 conferences.

In 2017 conferences receiving the rest of the bids were given out like this:

  • five bids which the West Coast Conference received 
  • four bids for the Southeastern Conference and Big 12 Conference respectively
  • three bids for the Atlantic Coast Conference,
  • two bids for Missouri Valley Conference and Big East Conference
  • one at-large bid for the Mountain West Conference.

One at-large bid is awarded to the Mountain West Conference.One at-large bid is awarded to the Mountain West Conference.

2017 NCAA Volleyball Tournament      Bids Awarded To Teams

America East Conference - Binghamton received an automatic bid into the NCAA volleyball tournament.

Atlantic 10 - Dayton qualified for the NCAA volleyball tournament by receiving an automatic bid.

Atlantic Coast Conference- Florida State qualified for the NCAA volleyball tournament with an automatic bid and North Carolina and North Carolina State received at-large bids.

Atlantic Sun Conference- East Tennessee State qualified for the NCAA volleyball tournament with an automatic bid.

Big 12 Conference - Texas received and automatic bid while at-large bids went to Kansas, Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma.

In 2017 Oklahoma received an at-large big as a Big-12 conference contender.In 2017 Oklahoma received an at-large big as a Big-12 conference contender.

Big East Conference - Louisville received and automatic bid NCAA volleyball and at-large bids went to Marquette, and Notre Dame.

Big Sky Conference - Northern Colorado received the automatic bid

Big South Conference - Liberty qualified themselves for the automatic bid into the NCAA volleyball regionals.

Liberty received an automatic bid as a representative from the Big South Conference.Liberty received an automatic bid as a representative from the Big South Conference.

Big Ten - Penn State as regular season champions qualified for the NCAA volleyball regionals with an automatic bid. At-large bids went to Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Purdue.

Big West Conference- Hawaii received the automatic bid into the NCAA volleyball tournament.

Colonial Athletic Association - Hofstra won the automatic bid to NCAA tournament.

Conference USA - Tulsa won an automatic berth to the NCAA Volleyball  regionals

Horizon League- Cleveland State qualified for the automatic bid for their conference.

Ivy League - Yale received the automatic bid

Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference- Fairfield won an automatic bid to the NCAA volleyball tournament.

Mid-American - Bowling Green won the NCAA volleyball tournament bid.

Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference - University of Maryland Eastern Shore won the NCAA volleyball tournament automatic bid.

Missouri Valley - Creighton won the NCAA volleyball berth, while Wichita State and Northern Iowa received at-large bids.

Mountain West Conference- Colorado State won the automatic bid an at-large bid went to San Diego State.

Northeast - Long Island University in Brooklyn qualified themselves for an automatic bid.

Pac-12 Conference - the Stanford Cardinals received an automatic bid while at-large bids went to Oregon, USC, UCLA, Washington, Arizona State.

Patriot League - Colgate earned the automatic right to go to the NCAA volleyball regionals tournament.

Southeastern - Florida qualified for the automatic bid and at-large bids went to Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas A&M.

Tennessee was one of five Southeastern Conference teams to receive a bid to the 2017 NCAA volleyball tournament.Tennessee was one of five Southeastern Conference teams to receive a bid to the 2017 NCAA volleyball tournament.

Southern - College of Charleston won the bid to the NCAA volleyball tourney.

Southland Conference - Central Arkansas received the automatic bid

Southwestern Athletic Conference -Jackson State qualified for the NCAA volleyball playoffs.

Sun Belt Conference - Western Kentucky earned the NCAA volleyball bid.

The Summit League - IPFW won the Summit League championships and a trip to the NCAA volleyball tournament playoffs.

West Coast - BYU won the WCC championships and a trip to the NCAA volleyball tourney. So did Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, University of San Diego, Santa Clara and St. Mary's with at-large bids. 

Western Athletic Conference- New Mexico State earned an automatic trip to the NCAA volleyball regionals tournament.

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