Volleyball Set Numbers Setting Definition For Faster First Tempo Sets

Learn volleyball set numbers for quick first tempo sets like the 1, 3, 31, the Go, back 1 and the slide so when given to hitters they tend to beat the block

Volleyball Set Numbers
Setting Terms: 
First Tempo Sets

Types of Volleyball Set Numbers: Spikers Hit In A Fast Offense

The following volleyball sets are fast tempo sets that are delivered in front of the setter in Zone 3 or Zone 4 in the front row. 

Fast tempo sets are the fastest paced balls delivered from the setter to the hitter in order to try and keep the opposing team's blockers off balance and unable to stop the attack hit at the net. 

These fast set descriptions are paired with their volleyball set numbers which setters call to their hitters so they know which plays and sets to run.

Shoot Set

The shoot set is a

  • high velocity flat set, that
  • runs nearly parallel to the net
  • at its highest reaches about 1-2 feet above/just under the top of the antenna and
  • lands within a three foot by three foot area in Zone 4. 

The shoot set relies on precise timing and precision placement delivered primarily to the left side outside hitter.

This set is also known as the "Go. "

Half Shoot Set

The half shoot set is a high velocity set which at its highest reaches about 1-2 feet above the top of the net and lands one foot off the net between Zone 3 and Zone 4. 

The half shoot set relies on precise timing and precision placement delivered primarily to the middle blocker.

The half shoot is also known as the 31. 

The 31 Set

The "31" is a quick paced half shoot set usually to the middle hitter and lands four to five feet in front of the setter between Zone 4 and Zone 3. 

When the "31 set" is run in advanced levels of competition the hitter is in the air just before the setter sets the ball then swings fast once the ball is delivered along the net in their arm swinging zone. 

Three set 

The three set is another name for the half shoot.

The three set, the half shoot and the "31" sets are pretty much all the same and vary only with a hitter's spike approach speed, their ability to jump and be up in the air and to time their or accelerate  their armswing speed.

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One Set

Back One Set

The Slide set 

The slide set is like a half shoot set over the setter's head to Zone 2.

The slide is a

  • low flat fast paced set
  • about 1- 3 feet above the net and
  • is delivered nearly parallel to the top of the net 
  • the middle blocker hits the slide with
  • a four step approach that leads her/him to take off on one foot to float or "slide" to the ball in the air towards Zone 2 before spiking it with a quick arm swing

The slide can be run so the ball is set so it falls in the right front positions on the court either right behind the setter or pushed further along the net closer to the right front antenna. 

Volleyball Set Numbers
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