Terms For Types of Volleyball Hits Like Kill, Spike, Hit, And Attack 

These terms describe what its called when you hit a volleyball specifically the 'kill', 'spike', 'hit' and 'attack' which are 4 diff types of volleyball hits. 

To better understand how to do these types of volleyball hits hitters who attack the ball in matches first need to learn these terms ...

  • the hit
  • the spike
  • the attack
  • the kill
  • spike approach

Types of Volleyball Hits
The Spike Approach

Spike Approach - 

The spike approach is the pattern or series of steps and/or strides a player uses to elevate themselves into the air so they can spike a ball over the net. 

The spike approach will vary in speed and in length according to the set a player receives. 

The spike approach can be compared to an airplane's pre-flight takeoff because it needs to travel a certain distance forward in order to gain the momentum needed for it to lift itself up off of the ground.

Types of Volleyball Hits
The Hit

Volleyball Hit

To hit a volleyball requires a player to take a spike approach as described above followed by an armswing that is used to bring the player's hand above their head to make contact with the ball so that it clears the net and finishes in the opposing team's court.

Of the three attempts a team has, to get the ball into the opposing team's court, the spike is most often attempted on the third contact.

Types of Volleyball Hits
The Spike

Types of Volleyball Hits
The Attack

Types of Volleyball HitsThe Attack 

An attack is the offensive team's attempt to get the ball into the opposing team's court by either spiking the ball, tipping or dumping or using an off speed hit.

Types of Volleyball Hits
The Kill

Types of Volleyball Hits-A kill happens when a player successfully hits or spikes, tips or  attacks the ball onto the opposing team's court floor. (Ralph Arvesen)Types of Volleyball Hits -A kill happens when a player successfully hits or spikes, tips or attacks the ball onto the opposing team's court floor. (Ralph Arvesen)

Types of Volleyball Hits - The Kill 

A kill is registered when a player has scored a point or a sideout by successfully attacking or hitting the ball onto the opposing team's court floor within their court lines and boundaries.

             Different Types of Volleyball Hits Spikers Hit In A                   Slow Offense Third Tempo Sets

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