Positions in Volleyball: Setter, Libero, Hitter, Middle Blocker, D.S.

Are you a Hitter, Setter, Blocker, Libero or Defensive Specialist?

I'm a Libero!I'm a Libero!

What positions in volleyball are there? Which position do you play? Information in this section is written for players that specialize in specific positions.

Each volleyball position is defined along with the physical and mental responsibilities of each role.,  You'll need to assume these qualities in order to play that position when you learn how to play volleyball at advanced levels

The Setter Volleyball Position: Are You The Setter?

Are you a setter? The volleyball setter holds one of the key leadership positions on the court.

Discover what setter qualities are needed to be the quarterback of your team.

Learn what it takes and  how to call plays, run your team's offense and discover  the best way to communicate with your hitters while leading your team. 

Outside Hitter Volleyball Position: Are You An Outside Hitter?

Do you play in one of the outside hitter volleyball positions?

Whether you specialize on playing on the left side or you're an opposite hitter on the right side your job is to learn how to play volleyball aggressively, confidently and intelligently, so that you consistently find  ways to score with the ball your setter, libero or teammate gives to you.   

The Libero Volleyball Position: Are You The Libero?

Of all the positions in volleyball, the libero and defensive specialist rule the backcourt while the others see action primarily in the front row. 

Are you are a...Libero or Defensive Specialist?

A libero is like a pinch hitter in baseball, who goes in for special duties.

In volleyball, the libero goes in for the middle blocker or outside hitter when they've rotated to zone 1 in the back row to serve.

The libero duties are to pass the ball, play defense in the back court and in some instances serve the ball for a front row player who rotates to the back row.  

Digging a ball if you are a libero is one of the six major fundamental skills a varsity player needs to master. 

And if you're a libero, you need to become a consistently good digger

Positions in volleyball ; Are You A Middle Blocker?

Are you a middle blocker?

The middle blocker, is usually the tallest person on the team, who is the primary defensive player at the net, responsible for stopping the opponents attack hits before they cross the net into their team's court. 

The middle blocker has specific responsibilities, footwork and hitting options that differ from both of the outside blockers. 

Learn what they are so you can be the master or mistress or Wonder Woman at the net.

Volleyball Positions: Where Do I Go From Here?

Good times! Where do you need to go now? Here are three options: 

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