Why I Created The Volleybragswag Panda Bear Shirt Available On Etsy

I knew that my Volleybragswag apparel collection was not going to be complete if didn't include a panda bear shirt in my series of animal inspired designs.

My Motivation For Creating The Volleybragswag
Panda Bear Shirt

I knew that my animal apparel line with a cute panda bear shirt was going to make my Volleybragswag collection complete by including this favorite animal in my 2022 collection.. 

Besides having always been one of my favorite animals ever, the Giant panda is an endangered species and in my own way I wanted to bring awareness to that fact and that's a huge reason why I created this Volleybragswag animal shirt project.

10 Fun Facts About the Giant Panda

We call them pandas but they are actually bears, specifically black and white bears that exist only in the mountains of China

  • Pandas are versatile enough to learn how to climb trees when they are around 7 months old. Since they are bears, they also know how to swim very well. 

  • The pandas are infamous because of their black and white coloring.
  • As newborns they don't have any fur, they cannot see and they are the color pink. 
  • It takes about three weeks after they're born for the black and white coloring to appear. 
  • When babies the black spots around their eyes are in the shape of circles but as they get older the circles become tear drop shaped. 

Did you know that there are some brown and white pandas? Its rare but it does happen. 

  • Pandas are an endangered species with only about 1000 in existence right now. One thing that leads to this is that breeding among pandas doesn't happen as often as it does with other bear species.
  • Poaching and the loss of their natural habitat are two additional reason why panda bears have been on the endangered list since 2006. 

  • Females generally have one-three days a year in which they ovulate or can naturally conceive so that leaves very little opportunity for panda bears to reproduce offspring.
  • The mating months are between March and May so when they do give birth its usually to two baby pandas max which occurs some time in August

Meet Panda "Mo." Nium the Giant Panda - Referee 

"Mo"  is the aggro ref on the court during games who thinks he sees everything but that remains to be proven, especially during intense, competitive fast-paced games and matches. 

He loves to show off how well he thinks he knows the rules in the volleyball rule book any chance he gets. 

He usually lets captains talk, but not always. If you're the captain and he feels you don't have the attitude he wants to see...you're probably not going to get too many calls to go your way. 

I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that red is his favorite color.

Calling tight games in front of a crazy crowd is Mo's swag, what's yours?

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Mo is one of my favorite shirts in my Volleybragswag collection! That's me and Mo!Mo is one of my favorite shirts in my Volleybragswag collection! That's me and Mo!

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