Sheilla Castro Brazilian Olympic Hitter Volleyball Player Profile

A two time Olympic gold medalist, Sheilla with the help of her teammates managed to win every championship title available  in world class competition.

Sheilla Castro, the 15 year Brazilian national team right side hitter, was born Sheilla Tavares de Castro on 1 July 1983 in Belo Horizonte.

From 2005 to 2016, when Brazil didnt take gold medal they always took silver with two exceptions.  

Watch how Sheilla score important points during tense tiebreak moments during the Olympic Games. 

  • 1997 - started playing volleyball for the Mackenzie Sports Club

  • 2000 - won the South American Championships with the Brazilian Youth National team 
  • 2000/2001 - played with Minas Clube leading her team to a third place finish
  • 2001 - won the World Championship Title with the Brazilian Junior National Team

The Other Side of
Sheilla Castro

A member of the first Brazilian Olympic women's team to win two gold medals in two consecutive Olympic Games.

  • 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing - Gold
  • 2012 Olympic Games in London - Gold
  • 2016 Olympic Games - in Rio - Fifth

Watch the Olympic gold medal match at the 2012 London Olympics between Brazil and the United States. 

Volleyball Player Profile 
Brazilian Volleyball Player

World Championship Experience

2002 - Superliga - Gold 

2005- Courmayeur Championship

2005 - The Montreux Volley Masters, the South American Championships, the World Grand Champions Cup - Gold

2006 - won the Courmayeur Championship, Montreux Volley Masters

2007 - Second place in the Pan American Games in Rio 

2008 - 2012 -won two Olympic Games - Gold

2008 - World Grand Prix - Gold

2008 - Final Four - Gold

2009 - Montreux Volley Master’s - Gold

2009 - Pan American Cup - Gold

2009 - FIVB Grand Prix - MVP

2009 - Won the South American Championships

2010 - helped Brazil achieve a silver medal in the FIVB World Grand Prix and FIVB World Championships

2011 - Silver medal in the FIVB World Grand Prix

2011 - Pan American Cup title

2012 - voted Brazil's Athlete of the Year

2013 - World Grand Prix - Gold

2013 - South American Championships - Gold

2014 - World Grand Prix - Gold

2014 - Voted Best Opposite Striker at the  World Grand Prix

FIVB Hero Sheilla Castro is interviewed at the 2011 World Grand Prix in Macau. 

Major International Competition

2007 - Pan-American Games - Silver

2007 - World Grand Prix - Fifth Place

2007 - South American Championships - Gold 

2008 - Olympic Gold Medal - Brazil

2008 - World Grand Prix - Gold

2008 - Final Four - Gold

2009 - Montreux Volley Masters - Gold

2009 - American Cup - Gold 

2009 - FIVB Grand Prix

2009 - South American Championships - Gold 

2009 - American Cup - Silver 

2010 - World Grand Prix - Silver 

2010 - World Championships - Silver 

2011 - Pan American Cup - Gold 

2012 - London Olympic Games - Brazil - Gold 

2013 - World Grand Prix - Gold

Volleyball Player Profile
Professional Volleyball Player

Individual Awards

2005 FIVB Women's Grand Champions Cup "Most Valuable Player"

2005 FIVB Women's Grand Champions Cup "Best Scorer"

2005/06 CEV Cup "Best Spiker"

2006 FIVB World Grand Prix "Most Valuable Player"

2008/09 Brazilian Superleague "Best Scorer and Best Spiker"

2009 FIVB World Grand Prix "Most Valuable Player"

2009/10 Brazilian Superleague "Best Spiker and Best Server"

2011 Pan-American Cup "Most Valuable Player"

2011 South American Championship "Most Valuable Player"

2012 Summer Olympics "Best Server"

2012 South American Club Championship "Most Valuable Player"

2012 FIVB Club World Championship "Best Most Valuable Player"

2012 FIVB Club World Championship "Best Scorer"

2013 South American Championship "Best ´ Opposite"

2014 FIVB World Grand Prix "Best Opposite"

2014 FIVB World Championship "Best Opposite"

2016 FIVB World Grand Prix "Best Outside Spiker"


Brazil Mackenzie Esporte Clube (1997–2000)

Brazil MRV/Minas (2001–2004)

Italy Scavolini Pesaro (2004–2008)

Brazil São Caetano/Blausiegel (2008–2010)

Brazil Unilever/Rio de Janeiro (2010–2012)

Brazil Molico Osasco (2012–2014)

Turkey Vakıfbank Istanbul (2014–2016)

A phenomenal all around player Sheilla is known to be a dangerous spiker and an outstanding blocker. Watch these 15 fantastic blocks according to Jorge Filho.

Five Fun Facts about Sheilla

Did you know that ....

  • Sheilla's career championship winning titles include World Grand Prix Champion 7 times, a two-time winner of the Champions League and the Montreus tournament, a six-time winner of the South American championships, a  Pan-American champion and a two-time olympic gold medalist and one time Olympic Bronze medalist. 
  • Sheilla was a member of the FIVB Dream Team at the 2016 World Grand Prix, one of six players chosen as the best in their position at this Grand Prix tournament
  • Sheilla just announced she's pregnant with twins and should have them some time during the first of the year in 2019. 

Watch Sheilla a member of the FIVB 2016 World Grand Prix Dream Team...the best of the best...



The Sticky Facts

Volleywood "The Adorable Sheilla"

FIVB Sheilla Castro

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