Teee Williams Olympic Bronze Medalist Tells Her Volleyball Story

Olympian Teee Williams learned how to become a better volleyball player, through her faith and her will to never give up learning about the game no matter how hard it became.

Follow along as she tells you about her journey.

When I first started I was at the age of 12.

I was not really interested in volleyball because I was not all that good. 

I was a much better basketball player and track runner.

I was blessed with the natural ability to jump. So, in track and field--all the field events, for example high jump and long jump came very easy to me.

Volleyball Stories
Teee Williams

Being a Laker fan at the time or a Magic Johnson fan I wanted to play basketball more than any other sport.

Then, some of my friends decided to try out for our junior high school volleyball team and suggested I go with them.

I had never heard of volleyball before and when they tried to explain it to me, I didn't understand.

I did go to tryouts and I do not know how I made the volleyball team but I did.

"Because I wrote with my left hand I couldn't tell the volleyball coach if I was left handed or right handed."

-Volleyball Stories Tee Williams 

The first day of volleyball practice was very frustrating - I could not do anything. Basketball was much easier.

I went home thinking this game is not for me. I wanted to just stick to the sport that came naturally.

I did not want to work at getting better as a volleyball player.  I talked to my volleyball player friends who had also made the team and said we can try for a week.

Teee Williams on the USA National team at the World Grand Prix against Russia, 1996.

Well, after a week, I decided to stick with it. 

I did not stop because I was improving fast as a volleyball player and was anxious to learn more.

At the end of the season I was asked to tryout for Ichiban Volleyball Club. To my surprise I made it. 

After some time I learned a lot more than expected, yet there were many older girls that were better than me. It was very frustrating.

There were times when I wanted to quit and go back to basketball. It was then that the coaches forced me to choose between volleyball and basketball.

It was now an easier decision for me.

Basketball was getting too physical and the girls much bigger and stronger.

What I liked about volleyball was the fact that it was not so rough and I didn't have to run a lot.

But seriously, looking back I am glad I did not quit when it was frustrated, because I could not foresee how many good things I was to experience because of volleyball.

-Volleyball Stories Teee Williams

Through the experience I kept the faith that something good would come out of me.

My favorite quote:

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1

Volleyball Stories Teee Williams "Teee Williams Olympic Bronze Medalist Tells Her Volleyball Story" was written by US volleyball Olympian Teee Williams exclusively for the Volleyball Voices project created and produced by April Chapple. 

No reproduction is allowed. All rights reserved. Volleyball Voices copyright 2020.

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