My Motivational Volleyball Story Inspiring Stories by Great Players

Follow along as eight (8) iconic legendary players share their inspirational volleyball story of overcoming obstacles on and off the court. 

Despite having dreams to play in the Olympics, Debbie Green Vargas spent hours in the gym because she had to improve her setting skills since she was always the shortest girl on her team.Despite having dreams to play in the Olympics, Debbie Green Vargas spent hours in the gym because she had to improve her setting skills since she was always the shortest girl on her team.

My Volleyball Story: Elaina Oden

Follow Elaina Oden's story of her journey to accept that despite not having the physique of the "typical" volleyball player, she was determined to be an Olympian.

Elaina Oden

My Volleyball Story: Kim Oden

Elaina's older sister, two-time Olympic team captain Kim Oden was always the tallest player on her team, until she made the Olympic team, then things changed.

Kim Oden

My Volleyball Story:
Debbie Green Vargas

Despite having dreams to play in the Olympics, Debbie Green Vargas spent hours in the gym because she had to improve her setting skills since she was always the shortest girl on her team. 

The Shortest Volleyball Player On The Court 

Debbie Green Vargas

My Volleyball Story: Liz Masakayan

Olympian and beach volleyball legend Liz Masakayan was raised in a single parent household. She felt that led to her compulsion to overtrain and overperform in order to get her teammates and others to like her. 

Are you guilty of doing the right  thing for the wrong reasons?

Liz Masakayan

My Volleyball Story: Mary Jo Peppler

Not all families members may be happy when you tell them that you want to play in the Olympics. Mary Jo Peppler told her family and was kicked out. Read how she handled the situation. 

Mary Jo Peppler

My Volleyball Story: Nina Matthies

Nina Matthies worked hard to accomplish her goals. The founder of the Women's Pro beach Volleyball Association, the first womens beach volleyball tour admitted that she had very few obstacles to overcome.  

Nina Matthies

My Volleyball Story: Flo Hyman

The first American Olympic women's volleyball team to win a silver medal did so at the Los Angeles, California Olympiad in 1984. 

One of three black females on the team and to this day still considered the best female volleyball player ever was 6' 5" Flo Hyman, born in Inglewood, California.

Flo Hyman

My Volleyball Story: Rose Magers

Olympian Rose Magers was a teammate of Flo's and played on the 1984 silver medal winning American women's team as well.   In 2007, USA Volleyball awarded the "All Time Greatest Player Award" to Rose at the USAV Nationals. 

Read her story as told by her friend, coach and mentor, Ruth Nelson.

Rose Magers

My Volleyball Story: Laurel Brassey Iversen 

In many situations when growing up, Laurel Brassey Iversen played with and against and was surrounded by boys her age.

She had to learn how to outplay them and how to compete against them. She did. She did it so well that during her career she played on many men's teams. 

Laurel Brassey Iversen

My Volleyball Story: April Chapple

Pro volleyball player, April Chapple had to overcome several physical obstacles before being able to pursue her goals of making the US National Team, earning a college scholarship and playing professionally in Italy.

April Chapple

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