Volleyball Middle Blocker Quotes on Cute Volleyball Shirts Now On ETSY

My Volleybragswag shop has big belly aching funny volleyball middle blocker quotes like How To Get Your Balls Blocked that mix slang with the plural form of the word "ball."

What's a good volleyball quote about middle blockers and middle hitters that will make you laugh annnnd that's clever enough to make you want to buy the tshirt?

Here are three examples of our most popular volleyball middle blocker quotes that're really well chosen words put on the cutest shirts and sold in my ETSY Volleybragswag shop.

stuff (verb) - how to get your balls blocked

house (noun) - how to get your balls stuffed

joust (noun) - how to put your balls in someone else's hands

A joust in volleyball, exactly what is it?

If you and another player contact the ball at the same time over the top of the net this spiking action by you the hitter and the opposing blocking action by the player in front of you ...is stalled so that both of you contact the ball over the net at the same time... is called a joust in volleyball. 

My line of clever and funny volleyball quotes for shirts mix commonly used slang definitions that only volleyball players know with the plural form of the word ball.
My line of clever and funny volleyball quotes for shirts mix commonly used slang definitions that only volleyball players know with the plural form of the word ball.
My line of clever and funny volleyball quotes for shirts mix commonly used slang definitions that only volleyball players know with the plural form of the word ball.
My line of clever and funny volleyball quotes for shirts mix commonly used slang definitions that only volleyball players know with the plural form of the word ball.

Just think of the middle blocker with a great sense of humor that should be wearing this shirt right now. 

Speaking of middle blockers ...you know what "house" means right?

Volleyball players, especially middle hitters and middle blockers do.

It's what your players, teammates, coaches and fans say to a blocker when they completely shut down a hitter attempting to spike a ball they stop with a HUGE BLOCK.....on the hitter's side. 

This is also called a stuff block.

Similar to a ROOF, when a middle blocker or pin blocker HOUSE a ball their blocking arms and shoulders have completely pressed armpits OVER the net so full arm extension is on the opposing team's side..in an effort to stop an attack hit before the hitter can hit the ball to the opposing side. 

This pressing action with arms over the net "blocking" is in the shape of a house or a roof of a house...

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The Volleybragswag Volleyball Ball Logo

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The ball is our trademarked logo and appears in all of our Volleybragswag volleyball t shirt ideas and designs in one way or another. 

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