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I created ALL of these volleyball setting quotes because I was inspired by my long playing and coaching career using my knowledge of personality traits needed by volleyball setters at all levels from

  • youth players in middle school to
  • high school players on B, JV or varsity teams
  • to collegiate players in Division I, II or III 
  • to professional and National team players 

So if you see these particular quotes for volleyball setters on any other page, website or shirts that are not by me or by Volleybragswag.....they are fakes. 

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My 6 Most Popular Volleyball Setting Quotes on Setter Shirts Are Great Gifts For Teenage Girls 


Once the ball is in my hands

Then you know it’s too late

I run my team’s offense

Time to accept your fate

Who is the volleyball setter? 

The volleyball setter is the quarterback or the point guard of the volleyball team and is responsible for calling and running their team's offense. 

Once the referee blows the whistle to start the rally the setter who usually starts in Zone 1 in the backrow gives hand signals to each of their hitters to indicate in a volleyball type sign language who is going to hit what type of set. 

Setters in Volleyball
What're 3 Words Setters Use To Call Slow Offense Plays?

For setting in volleyball these 'setting terms'

  • the outside set
  • the four set
  • the five set

are terms for slower sets that players first learn so that they know how to run their team's basic offense.

When setting in volleyball a setter's job is to pick which sets to run that beat or outsmart the opposing team's front row blockers and back row defense so their team can score a point.

Beginner setters, usually first learn how to deliver high balls to their hitters in order to run a slower offense before they move on to learning faster more advanced offensive strategies.

What is the set in volleyball?

The set is usually the second contact in a rally and the person who sets the ball the most is called the setter. 

The setter on a volleyball team is like a point guard on a basketball team who runs the offense and calls the plays. 

Offensive plays consist of a combination of sets called by using hand signals to eligible hitters who hit these sets at different heights, speeds and locations along the net in order to confuse the opposing team's blockers in an effort to score points. 

If you are the setter on your team, you determine

  • who gets to hit each set
  • how high each set will be
  • how fast the set will be and 
  • where along the net or backrow the set will be. 

Learn The Volleyball Setting Definition List of Setter Words and Lingo

A Setter is

Smarter than a Quarterback

Faster Than a Point Guard

Better Than a Pitcher

Tougher Than a Boxer!

The Setter Volleyball Position

Players in the setting position need to know these six setting fundamentals that have to be included in your volleyball setting toolbox.

-held ball
-back set
-over set
-setter dump

Let me explain these 6 setting fundamentals volleyball setters know like what's an assist. a held ball, a lift, a back set, an over set and the setter dump.

Click to go to this page to read more.


So They Call Me A Setter

When The Going Gets Rough

I'm My Team's Go Getter

I Run The Attack Stuff

6 Really Cute Volleyball Setting Quotes on Setter Shirts
Sold on Etsy: 


My Jump Set Holds Your Middle

So My Outside Hitter Can Score

I Keep My Strategy A Riddle

We Burn Holes In Your Court Floor

Best Selling Volleyball Setting Quotes on Cute Shirts Sold on Etsy
Where Do I Go From Here?

If you'd like more information on basic skills in volleyball check out the pages below. 

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  • 22 Volleyball Motivational Quotes, Thoughts, Sayings To Be Inspired By
  • 6 Volleyball Setting Quotes Sold On Best Selling Gifts In My Etsy Shop

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