Krista Vansant: The Making of A Former Univ of Wash Volleyball Legend

Krista Vansant, who's now a coach had a stellar high school and collegiate volleyball career by the time her jersey was retired at the University of Washington.

Krista Vansant is an inspiring volleyball athlete we spotlight who's accomplished more in four years of high school than most people do their entire life!Krista Vansant, who's now a coach had a stellar high school and collegiate volleyball career by the time her jersey was retired at the University of Washington.

We invite you to delve into the life and career of Krista Vansant, a former University of Washington volleyball star, now a collegiate coach who carved a name for herself from a young age.

Krista Vansant coach

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Krista Vansant, The Early Years:
An Introduction to Volleyball

Born on November 25, 1992 in Redlands, California, Krista Vansant grew up in a sports-loving household.

From as early as she can remember, sports, particularly volleyball, has been an integral part of her life.

Her early volleyball memories trace back to pick-up games at local parks with her family, laying the groundwork for her passion for the sport.

First Touch of the Volleyball

Krista's first real introduction to volleyball was when she was in middle school. Her mother, a former high school volleyball player herself, encouraged Krista to join the school team.

From then on, her love for the game blossomed. With natural talent, determination, and supportive mentors, Krista's journey as a volleyball player took off.

Influences & Mentors

Her mother, a significant influence on her volleyball career, guided and supported Krista in her early days.

Coach Umapathy, her first volleyball coach, shaped her fundamentals and love for the game. Their influence and encouragement played a paramount role in shaping Krista into the player she became.

Young Achievements & Early Career

During these formative years, Krista displayed prodigious talent. She played consistently on elite-level national teams, developing her skills while competing against other top talents.

A pivotal milestone was when she joined Club West Volleyball at age twelve. There, Krista defined herself as both a team player and a leader, leading her team to several championship victories and winning individual awards along the way.

Before even reaching high school, Krista was an outstanding volleyball player, shaping herself into a formidable force both physically and mentally.

Her success can not solely be credited to her talent, but also her relentless work ethic, passion for the game, and invaluable influence from her mentors.

The Volleyball Journey of Krista Vansant: High School Peak to Pro Phenom

Let's step further into the world of volleyball royalty continuing to follow along this incredibly accomplished high school journey of Krista Vansant.

Known for her remarkable skills on the court, this former University of Washington volleyball player has inspired many young talents with her amazing accomplishments from the tender age of 13 onwards.

An Early Start to Krista Vansant's Volleyball Journey

Krista Vansant had an early spark of brilliance in her journey of volleyball, beginning at the age of 13.

Right off the bat, she began showing promising skills that set her apart from her peers. 

National & Club Teams Achievements

Throughout her high school years, Krista Vansant's name continued to echo in the national and club teams' corridors.

She played extensively in the Junior National Team, earning accolades that foretold the making of a volleyball legend.

Krista Vansant 15 Reasons Why She's A Pac-10 Record Setting Hitter 

Krista's brilliance shone through in her high school career as well. She played a key role in leading her high school team to several state championships.

Her stamina, skills, and sheer force on the field were pivotal in turning the tide in favor of her team.

The volleyball titan's prowess did not go unnoticed. Krista Vansant was bestowed with the prestigious Gatorade Player of the Year award,a testament to her immense talent and sheer determination.

1. Gatorade National Player of the Year

2. The 6-foot-2 senior outside hitter recorded 589 kills, 299 digs, 33 blocks and 26 service aces this past season while posting a kill percentage of .557

Her prominence in the sport also brought her All State awards - a nod to her unparalleled performances on the field.

3. Led the Wildcats (30-6) to the California Interscholastic Federation State Division I regional semifinals

4. An Under Armour All-American and the California Interscholastic Federation-Southern Section Division 1A Player of the Year

5. California Interscholastic Federation-Southern Section ----Division 1A Player of the Year

6. Vansant amassed 180 kills, 78 digs, nine blocks and seven service aces in seven postseason matches this fall.

7. The nation’s No. 1 recruit in the Class of 2011 as rated by

8. She produced 565 kills, 233 digs, 72 service aces, 36 assists and 30 blocks as a junior, leading the Wildcats (37-4) to the Division 2 state title game.

9. A 2010 USA Junior Nationals 18-Open All-Tournament Team selection

10. A 2008 U.S. Girls Youth National Training Team roster invitee

11. Vansant captured 2008 -- National Sophomore of the Year honors

12. Vansant has maintained a 3.61 GPA in the classroom

13. The Redlands East Valley 2010 Homecoming Queen and a member of her school’s chapter of Rachel’s Challenge, a national student-empowerment initiative

14. Vansant has volunteered locally as a coach at youth volleyball clinics in addition to participating in a literacy-outreach program in her area. 

15. She has also donated her time to Associated Student Body initiatives at her school.

Krista on why she chose Washington:

More Accolades & Accomplishments

Despite facing the rigors of a demanding sport, Krista's resilience came to play in preserving her sport's rites.

Her extraordinary sporting journey is studded with numerous awards and accolades.

These include a multitude of individual awards and recognitions - putting Krista Vansant on a podium where only a select few reside.

Krista Vansant: University of Washington's Volleyball Prodigy

Krista Vansant's journey to volleyball stardom is nothing short of inspirational setting new records, breaking old ones, and inspiring a whole generation of new athletes.

With hard work, perseverance, and an unwavering love for the sport, she has exemplified what it truly means to excel in the world of volleyball.

A Close Look at Krista Vansant's Achievements: Former University of Washington Volleyball Trailblazer

Let's dive into the collegiate history of the amazing Krista Vansant.

You're sure to find her journey from the University of Washington, onto the professional stage, an inspiring tale for any aspiring volleyball player or a true fan of the game.

Freshman Year: Setting the Stage

Krista Vansant carved her path from the start, making an impeccable mark as a freshman.

Her young career at the University of Washington was marked by coveted accolades such as being named the Pac-12 Freshman of the Year, setting her up as a player to watch.

Sophomore Year: The Rising Star

Krista continued her exemplary performances, earning a spot in the AVCA All-America Third Team, showing a continuing upward trajectory.

Her performances helped her team reach the Sweet 16, a notable achievement for any volleyball player.

Junior Year: The National Standout

The Junior year was a golden one for Krista Vansant.

She became the first UW Husky to receive the AVCA National Player of the Year award, making history, and raising her profile within the national volleyball community.

Senior Year: The Unstoppable Force

In her final year, she continued to set records, winning the Pac-12 Player of the Year for the second consecutive time, and again making the AVCA All-America First team.

Her volleyball career at the University of Washington culminated in a memorable run to the Elite 8, a testament to her incredible skill and athleticism.

Krista Murdered The Game While At Washington

Check out her Pac -12 conference accolades.

Krista Vansant earned her seventh career PAC-12 Player of the Week award for her performances in the PAC-12-BIG 10 Showcase

Career Summary: A Legacy Worth Remembering

Krista Vansant wasn't just an ordinary volleyball player. She left an indelible mark on the University of Washington's volleyball program.

Let's take a closer look at the awards and accolades she received during her college career:

  • Pac-12 Freshman of the Year
  • Avca All-America First Team (2 times)
  • Avca All-America Third Team
  • AVCA National Player of the Year
  • Pac-12 Player of the Year (2 times)

espnW Player of the Year

Krista broke the Pac 12 conference record earning 10 Player of the Week awards

          Named to Pac -12 All Century            Women's Volleyball Team

AVCA National Player of the Year

Junior outside hitter Krista Vansant becomes the first Husky ever to win the AVCA National Player of the Year award at the AVCA banquet. (2013)

            AVCA First-Team All-American             Senior Krista Vansant

Two-time Pac 12 Player of the Year

University of Washington Retires
Krista Vansant Jersey

#16 Krista Vansant - Two-time Honda Award winner

Washington Husky Kills Leader

Most decorated Husky in University of Washington volleyball history


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