Types of Digs In Volleyball Facial, Tattoo, Six Pack, Pancake, Flipper

There are 5 types of digs in volleyball where you use your face (facial), chest (six pack), legs (tattoo), back of hand (pancake and flipper) to get a ball up

Did you know that in volleyball you can legally dig a ball up without using your hands? 

Many times players don't plan on not using their hands and some players do plan it) but if the ball contacts certain parts of the body and comes up "clean"... meaning the ball does not come to a rest, a stop or a pause, then that ball can be played again by a teammate if its the first or second contact on a side or the ball is allowed to cross over the net if its the third contact for a team in a rally.  

Types of Digs in Volleyball: Six Pack

Six Pack

When you're on defense and you don't put your hands up in time to dig a ball that hits you in the chest that's called a six pack or a chester. 

If the ball hits your chest and comes up without a rest or a pause then its a playable ball that can be played to finish a rally. 

Types of Digs in Volleyball: Facial


A facial is not the usual procedure done with soap and water ...but it happens when an opposing attacker hits a ball so hard that a backrow defensive player cannot put their hands up in time before the ball hits their face.

This is called a facial and if they're lucky the ball doesn't leave a tattoo...see below. 

If the ball comes up clean and doesn't come to a stop or a rest on the face a second player is allowed to play the ball and continue play. 

A facial is the slang term for getting hit in the face by a hard attack hit...

Types of Digs in Volleyball: Tattoo


A tattoo is what happens when you get hit by a hard driven ball and the ball leaves a mark or a bruise on your skin. 

The mark is usually the shape of the ball or even the name of the ball maker like Molten or Mikasa. 

Types of Digs in Volleyball: Pancake


By using the back of your hand to keep the ball from touching the floor the libero/digger/backcourt specialist/defender has used one of the three allowed contacts each team is allowed to continue to play the ball after it bounces off the hand and back into the air...to get it over the net during a rally. 

Types of Digs in Volleyball: Flipper


The flipper is usually done while staying on your feet or running through the ball but many players, actually use the flipper motion when they are diving for a ball when their whole body hits the floor after their dig.

Types of Digs in Volleyball: Shank 


To shank a ball means the ball skips off your platform arms (when you're trying to dig a ball or pass one) which are no longer low and angled towards your intended target so now the ball skids or skips off your arms and you watch it hurl its way off the court where no one can play it up or save it.

5 Types of Digs In Volleyball: 
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