The Volleyball Sprawl How Varsity Players Keep The Ball Off The Floor  

I teach the volleyball sprawl in all my sessions and classes so players learn how to dig the ball then land safely to the floor after making a defensive play.

The Volleyball Sprawl
How Do Varsity And College Players Keep The Ball Off The Floor

I teach the volleyball sprawl in all my private training sessions and classes so players learn how to dig the volleyball then land safely to the floor after making a defensive play.

If the ball drops right in front of you, so quickly that all you have time to do is drop to the ground quickly and extend your right or left arm under the ball to keep it from hitting the floor....this is a great defensive technique which allows you to get to the floor quickly and safely after playing the ball. 

Watch Cassie work on her lateral volleyball sprawl technique in one of our defensive volleyball training drills during Boot Camp class training.  

In another scenario which happens often in a game...

...if the ball is about to drop in front of you on your left side or on your right and you have time to take one step in the direction of the ball...

Watch Katelyn take one big step to her right and extend her body to the ground....this is the volleyball sprawl...playing the ball with her right hand in a full lateral body extension just inches from the ground so she lands on her side or stomach after playing the ball using THE Sprawl defensive technique to get the ball up while finishing to the floor. take one big step in the direction of the ball and lower yourself to the floor in the direction of the ball, fully extending your body, so you land on your side.

If you're playing the ball that's about to land on your right side, then

  • you step with your right foot in the direction of the ball
  • put your left hand down on the floor to help lower yourself to the floor
  • while you extend to your right side,
  • extend your right arm with your closed right fist turned sideways so the top of your fist makes contact with the bottom of the ball. 

Once you keep the ball off the floor you place both hands on the ground and pop up, pushing yourself off the floor. 

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