Volleyball Communication Tips On What To Say On the Volleyball Court

Learn what words, jargon, phrases to use to improve communication in volleyball so you know what to say to teammates to score points in certain situations.  

Many of my rules about communication in volleyball on the court are designed to teach young players

This reduces and even eliminates surprises and confusion on the court. 

I recommend you start by telling your hitters what part of the volleyball court to hit to.

You can do this by letting them know what the block is not taking away.

Let me be more specific because this can be done in two ways.

You can wait between rallies to tell your hitter what you’ve noticed the other team is doing in defense.

For example, your conversation could go like this "Hey teammate, they keep blocking you, when you hit the line so just keep cranking the ball hard cross court because that's what seems to be getting us points."

Or, you can do what I did and what other professional beach volleyball players are trained to do and that is you can talk to your hitter while the play is developing.

Sure, you have to learn how to talk fast, but your hitter can hear your instructions as the play is developing, so listening to your instructions can be very helpful.

You can follow these particular girls high school rules on what to say on the volleyball court in practice during hitting drills.

During your team's hitting lines, after you’ve warmed up spiking the ball a few times, the next time you go to hit the ball, have the teammate behind you call out to you what area of the court to hit to.

After you’ve taken your spike approach, but before you contact the ball she needs to call out either “line” or “cross court” and you need to hit the ball where she tells you to.

This little exercise helps build trust and could help your hitting percentage on the volleyball stat sheets if you learn to follow what your teammate is telling you to do.

Let’s say your setter has set the ball to you a little off the net, which forces you to keep your eyes on the ball, but now you can’t see where the block is because you're looking up.

An audible command from your teammates is just like having a seeing eye dog on the court.

Instead of using your eyes now you will rely on your ears and the information provided by your teammate to help guide you to hit to an open area on the opposing court.

A seeing eye dog leads their master safely through traffic and crowded areas right?

Well then your teammates can help guide you past the blockers and help you hit to open areas of the court, and you don’t even have to see what areas are open, you just need to trust and listen and follow their commands.

      Communication in Volleyball:       How To Talk To Your Hitter

Here's what to say on the volleyball court when you need to communicate to one of your hitters. 

Tell your hitter whether they have

  • one blocker up at the net blocking her or
  • whether she has a two-man block up

Communication in Volleyball:
Call Out The Overpass

Another thing to say on the volleyball court...happens on a play, where the opposing team overpasses the ball back into your court.

If you yell "Nobody" it lets your hitter know that she can swing away and hit the poop out of the ball with no worries, because no one is up to block her.

Many overpassed balls are free gifts that the other teams give you by mistake.

What happens is that the opposing team has passed a ball back over the net to your front row unexpectedly, and now they are suddenly on defense but their block doesn’t have time to form.

Your front row hitter is looking up at the high ball they just sent over unable to see the opposing team's court since she is focusing on the overpassed ball.

So she can't tell whether the opposing team is blocking her or not.

In this situation by “giving your hitter a call” you become your hitter's seeing-eye dog, because you are in the back row on defense and you can see whether the block is up or not and you can tell what open areas of the court she should hit the ball to.

When you tell your hitter how many blockers she has, just before she hits, it helps her decide how and where she can effectively hit the ball to score points.

Thanks for visiting. Be sure to check out more of my volleyball passing articles by clicking one of the links below! (April Chapple)Thanks for visiting. Be sure to check out more of my volleyball passing articles by clicking one of the links below! (April Chapple)

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