Basic Volleyball Terms For Spiking: 3 Words For Hitting and Attacking 

These basic volleyball terms for spiking are the tool, the wipe and hitting line describe ways that you can hit the ball to score a point or sideout in a game.

The volleyball words below describe three different ways that you can hit the ball to score a point or sideout. 

I'm talking about

Just like a handyman uses tools to fix things, players have various offensive strategies or  "tools" they can rely on to really go after and attack the opposing team's defense. 

Especially for short players these tools "level the playing field" and give shorter players more ways to score points against tall blockers. 

Familiarize yourself with the terminology and learn how to technically do these skills so that you add options to your power game.

Basic Volleyball Terms 
The Tool

As a hitter, you want to practice spiking the ball so that you deliberately aim for the outer hand of the blocker who's attempting to block you.

Your goal is to do this in a way that the ball gets deflected back to your court but outside of the sideline, so it bounces outside of the court, on your team's side. 

That's an easy point for you and it's one of the toughest volleyball hits that is extremely difficult to play defense against.

That's why it's so effective.

Basic Volleyball Terms 
The Wipe

Another way many coaches and players say "tool the block" is called "wiping the block" or  "wipe the block".

This term describes the wiping action a spiker's arm motion will do when the player is aiming the ball for an opposing blocker's outside hand.

Specifically, the one closest to the antenna, so that when it comes back off of her hand the ball is deflected to outside the sideline on the hitter's side landing outside of the court.

You wipe the block in such a way that you are in control of the fact that the blocker is the last person to touch the  ball before it lands outside of the sidelines, on your team's side.

Whether you are learning how to play beach volleyball or specializing in the indoor game incorporating this element in your hitting and attack training drills is essential and many female players rely on "the wipe"  as an option to score when they've been given an imperfect set.  

Basic Volleyball Terms 
The Line Shot

The line shot in spike terminology is another volleyball hitting option for front row attackers.

Hitting the line shot would require you to contact the top 1/3 of the ball so it travels parallel to and within the sideline that you are playing the closest to. 

Likewise if you are the right side hitter spiking from your team's zone 2, then you would be making a line shot if you spiked a ball or sent an offspeed shot in or near zone 4 or zone 5 of the opposing team's court.

If you are the front row hitter, hitting the ball from your team's  zone 4, then you are making a line shot if you spike the ball or hit an offspeed shot to zone 5 of the opposing team's court.

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