You Don't Know These Blocker Terms Used in Volleyball? Change That Now

These six terms used in volleyball blocking practice are words and volleyball jargon coaches use to describe blocking technique used to stop an attack hit. 

The volleyball block is the first line of defense for the serving team where the front row blockers attempt to stop any attack hits by the hitters on the opposing team. 

These six basic blocking terms used in volleyball

  • closing the block
  • penetration over the net
  • screen
  • seam
  • off side blocker
  • double block

explain various blocking techniques blockers need to know to perform the act of blocking at the net while on defense in the front row. 

Blocker Terms Used in Volleyball 
"Closing the block"

Closing the block occurs when two players while jumping to block an attack hit at the net, successfully close off any holes, or seams or spaces that are created between them when blocking. 

If they do this successfully, (like the blockers in the photo) then the hitter they are blocking, can't hit the ball between their hands or at the seam.

The hitter is now forced to

in an attempt to score a point or win a side out.

Blocker Terms Used in Volleyball 
"Penetrating the Net"

Penetration refers to the act of a player penetrating or reaching with their hands and arms far over the plane of the net at the highest point of her block jump in her attempt to stop the ball from crossing the net into her team's court. 

She does this by placing her arms and hands as far over the net as possible at the highest height of her block jump so that she can stop the ball on the opponent's side of the net after they've attacked the ball.

The photo shows the Texas player #1 "roofing" the opposing hitter by penetrating the plane of the net by stretching her arms as far over the net as possible at the highest height of her jump, which results, as you can see, in the ball staying on the hitter's side of the court in other words, successfully blocking the hitter.

Blocker Terms Used in Volleyball 
"The Screen"

screen is when one, two or three players on defense at the net,  intentionally or unintentionally, stand so close to each other that one or more of the opposing team players in serve receive  can't see the server or the ball in the server's hands.

A screen is illegal according to basic volleyball rules. 

The blockers of a team on defense cannot form a "wall" or a screen with their bodies that prevents the passer or passers on the opposing team from seeing the server serve the ball.

In beach volleyball doubles, if one player obscures the view of the server before the start of the rally, the opposing team can stop the play and insist that the blocker re-position themselves so both receivers have a clear view of the server.

Terms Used in Volleyball
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