Famous Volleyball Players Ekaterina Gamova Russia's Famous Opposite 

Ekaterina Gamova is one of Russia's most famous volleyball players during the 1990s and 2000s. The opposite was one of the strongest hitters in the world. 

FIVB Superhero Ekaterina Gamova was a two-time world champion, twice Olympic runner-up, champion of the champions league, world champion of clubs!

One of the best opposite players in the world. 

Ekaterina Gamova; Russia’s Famous Right Side Attacking Volleyball Player 

Ekaterina Gamova is one of Russia’s most celebrated players and a bonafide international superstar when it comes to volleyball excellence and creating a winning legacy. 

Gamova shows her strength in this Nascimento volleyball video featuring Ekaterina. 

In her role of right side attacker, she managed to accomplish so much with a career filled with astonishing heights and achievements.

Recently, the athlete announced her retirement from the scene at the age of 35.

In this 2009 hyper form video Roberto Carlos and Ekaterina Gamova Interview with English subtitle (Part 1)

Gamova was an amazingly iconic female athlete for Russia, mainly because she brought home two Olympic silver medals in 2000 and 2004 as well as earning gold medals in two separate World Championships (2006 and 2010).

Gamova won numerous individual titles and awards for being the Most Valuable Player at some of the most prestigious international tournaments including being named the Best Scorer and the Best Blocker at the London Olympic Games. 

Check out 12 more volleyball awards Gamova won during her career. 

Ekaterina Gamova won numerous individual titles and awards for being the Most Valuable Player at some of the most prestigious international tournaments. (Steve Hill)Ekaterina Gamova won numerous individual titles and awards for being the Most Valuable Player at some of the most prestigious international tournaments. (Steve Hill)

  • 2004 Olympic Games "Best Scorer"
  • 2004 Olympic Games "Best Blocker"
  • 2006 FIVB World Grand Prix "Best Scorer"
  • 2007 European Championship "Best Scorer"
  • 2008–09 CEV Indesit Champions League Final Four "Best Scorer"
  • 2009–10 CEV Indesit Champions League Final Four "Best Scorer"
  • 2010 FIVB World Championship "Most Valuable Player"
  • 2013-14 CEV Champions League "Most Valuable Player"
  • 2013-14 CEV Champions League "Best Scorer"
  • 2014 FIVB Club World Championship "Most Valuable Player"
  • 2014 FIVB Club World Championship "Best Opposite Spiker"
  • 2013-14 Russian Superleague MVP


The first set in the 2010 Women's Volleyball World Championships featuring China and Russia

In 2012 Gamova decided to take a temporary hiatus from the national team.

For a few years, Gamova took a break to focus on her peace of mind to regain some motivation and to prepare to come back as strong as ever.

She returned a little over two years later, in time for the 2014 World Championships.

Gamova consistently achieved major league success, winning accolades and contributing to pushing the international status higher for the Dinamo Kazan team.

Sadly, Gamova was forced into retirement due to some health conditions, which wouldn't allow her to perform at the best of her ability.

Ekaterina Gamova in the front row at the 2012 London Olympic Games against the italian National team. (Steve Hill)Ekaterina Gamova in the front row at the 2012 London Olympic Games against the italian National team. (Steve Hill)

The athlete said that she had been carefully considering all her options and discussed extensively with one of her coach's, before eventually making the decision to call it quits.

According to Gamova, this was a really hard choice to make, but ultimately, the right one.

Some funny headlines have been printed after her announced retirement like “It’s Game Over for Gamova,” but this amazing woman has undoubtedly left a powerful legacy behind.

Gamova managed to inspire a generation of Russian and international volleyball playing girls and women all around the world to pursue excellence in this fave sport of ours.

Ekaterina gets married!

At six feet 8 inches Gamova was one of the tallest women to ever play the game and the FIVB hero will always be a stunning example of discipline, hard work, and commitment.

Ekaterina Gamova's final farewell speech to the fans and lap of honour at Kazan Volleyball Centre 2016

Ekaterina Gamova's  final farewell speech to the fans at Kazan Volleyball Centre Ekaterina Gamova makes his last Kazan Volleyball Centreappearance and says his goodbyes!

Legend Ekaterina Gamova No.11 Russia

Gamova gave her all during her farewell match back in 2016: Dinamo Kazan versus Dinamo Moscow.

Ekaterina Gamova is working with the Russian youth teams. She explains how this is going.

Gamova is still involved in Russian volleyball behind the scenes, as she recently was involved in drawing teams and other related activities.

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