Volleyball Drills For Youth 8 Fun Drills To Improve Your Ball Control

8 volleyball drills for youth you can use to help you get your pass to your setter, your serve over the net, and good hand placement on the ball for your spikes. 

Here are some volleyball drills for youth that you can do at home or in practice with a friend or teammate you are working out with at home or on their own or even during an open gym at your school.

Watch as Kenny and Jaylen work on controlling the ball to a consistent spot on the wall and then control the ball to themselves, then finally they control the ball to each other...repeatedly. 

What six things are we working on in these volleyball drills for youth to improve our ball control skills?

What are the six things we are working on in these youth volleyball drills to improve our ball control skills?

  • Wide vision - when they first started doing this the partner on the end line was so focused on looking up at the ball that they didn't even know when their partner had left to go under the net.

  • Staying behind the ball - when doing the dig-set-hit combination learn how to stay behind the ball so you keep the ball along with the net in your eye line …it helps you see more of the court.
  • Ball control, ball control, ball control.

  • Reaching high while learning what hand placement on the ball is needed to get the ball to the intended target.

  • Target practice- consistently getting the ball where you want it to go (in this case to your partner but during your match—to an open spot on the court).

More About These Types of Volleyball Drills for Youth

How precise is your passing?

Can you pass a ball to a target without making the target move..even one step?

Want to increase your passing precision?

Try standing at the free throw line on a basketball court and pass a ball from the free throw line into the  basketball basket....then shag your ball and jog to the other free throw line ...and try again.

Give yourself ten minutes jogging between free throw lines and see how many you can do.

You have to be very precise in order to pass the ball into a basketball basket...multiple times...it'll take a ton of attempts....and you'll fail a TON of times...but keep trying...

Volleyball Drills for Youth
Target Practice and Ball Control

Carmela and Kenny work on a full court partner ball control volleyball drill

  • Dig to yourself
  • Set to yourself
  • Down ball to your partner

What are they working on?

  • Reading the Hitter - so you know where to position yourself to dig their ball
  • Quick feet - quick reaction with hips below the level of the ball and straight elbows that control the ball on the dig

  • Controlling the first contact (dig) - so you can make a controlled second contact (set) from a balanced position without falling all over the place

  • Controlling the second contact (set) - so you can make a controlled third contact  (hit).
  • Hand placement on the ball - so you can direct it to go EXACTLY where you want it to go (in this case to your partner across the net but in most cases to an OPEN space on the opposing team’s court)

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Many of these volleyball drills for youth you can do at home by yourself or try at your next practice with your teammates.

If you're a B team or JV player trying to make varsity next year...your goal should be to complete 1000 reps a day of at least three of the basic skills on your own...volleyball passing, serving and setting should be at the top of the list. 

8 Fun Volleyball Drills For Youth: 
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