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Coach April teaches players how to play volleyball  from Las Vegas, Nevada, California, Utah, and Texas 

Stupak Gym Las Vegas, NevadaStupak Gym Las Vegas, Nevada

Learn how to play volleyball so you can make your varsity team!

Spike harder, block better, set a volleyball more accurately, pass to the

target, serve like a pro and play defense like you've already earned a

college scholarship. 

That's right! I want you to make your school team, club team or

collegiate team goals. 

For absolute beginners visit my learning how to play volleyball page

which breaks down into easy-to-understand chunks of information

covering basic game rules, the positions players specialize in, zones on

the court and a description of the skills you need to know when you

learn how to play volleyball.  

For those players who already know the basics and are ready to take

their game to the next level then you've come to the right place!

Volleyball players come to this site because they want to make a varsity

or JV school team or a club or collegiate team.

The more motivated and disciplined you are, the more you'll learn and

with practice, the better you'll get.  

Stay motivated, stay disciplined and keep coming back to learn how to

play volleyball.

This is an amazing game, learn it and play it  to the best of your abilities. 

Players with goals, I love that!

I've helped a lot of players reach their goals and I'm sure I can help you


Teaching Volleyball Skills

I have a blast teaching volleyball skills here in Las Vegas and I want to

share what I do on the court, with you.

I'm sure, like the majority of my readers you've come to my site

to learn how to improve your volleyball skills, take your game to the next

level and possibly reach a goal or two, am I right? . 

I'll teach you how to play and how to improve your

  • serving
  • spiking
  • blocking
  • digging
  • setting
  • passing

skills so that you know what each body part,

  • from your feet and legs,
  • to your core and midsection,
  • to your arms and shoulders

should be doing and when to do it.

You'll know what you should be looking at and when to look at it and

you'll learn the correct timing for each skill. 

Cuz you know, timing is everything!

How To Play Volleyball: Learn The Positions on the Court

What indoor volleyball position do you play? 

Information in this section is written for players that specialize in

specific positions.

Each position is defined along with the responsibilities, both physical and

mental,  you'll need to assume with that position when you learn

how to play volleyball at advanced levels. 

How To Play Volleyball: Are You The Setter?

Are you a setter?

The volleyball setter holds one of the key leadership positions on the


Discover what setter qualities are needed to be the quarterback of

your team. Learn how to call plays, run your team's offense and discover 

the best way to communicate with your hitters while leading your team. 

How To Play Volleyball: Are You An Outside Hitter?

Are you an outside hitter?

Whether you play left side or you're an opposite hitter on the right side

your job is to learn how to play volleyball aggressively, confidently and

intelligently, so that you consistently find ways to score with the ball your

setter, libero or teammate gives to you.   

How To Play Volleyball: Are You The Libero?

Are you are a...

Libero or Defensive Specialist?

A libero is compared to a pinch hitter in baseball who goes in for special


In volleyball the libero goes in for the middle blocker or outside

hitter when they've rotated to zone 1 in the back row to serve.

The libero duties are to pass the ball, play defense in the back court and

in some instances serve the ball for a front row player who rotates to the

back row.  

Digging a ball if you are a libero is one of the six major fundamental skills

a varsity player needs to master. 

And if you're a libero, you need to become a consistently good digger

Are You A Middle Blocker?

Are you a middle blocker?

The middle blocker, is usually the tallest person on the team,

is the primary defensive player at the net, responsible for stopping the

opponents attack hits before they come back across the net into their

team's court. 

The middle blocker has specific responsibilities, footwork and hitting

options that differ from both of the outside blockers. 

Learn what they are so you can be the master or mistress or Wonder

Woman at the net.


I'll be honest, history wasn't one of  my favorite subjects. But I did learn to

understand the value of knowing American history facts.

Same for learning about volleyball history facts

When I first got to college at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, my

five freshmen teammates and I had to

learn bunch of new information right off the bat. 

No joke, we carried notebooks that we were required to bring to

practice. That is along with the ball bags and all the balls. 

Rules of the Game

Our notebooks, yep you heard me, we had notebooks which contained

information on the history of the game, the  basic rules and definitions

explaining what would be our team's offensive strategy.

There was also team and individual defense strategiesdiagrams

on spiking a ball, and our team's setting and serving goals

were well defined.

At the time we didn't think about how much this helped us to prepare to


But later as we kept working hard on the court and  learning the

NCAA rules of the game  and more about the history of the sport it

helped us gain an edge over our opponents. 

We kept winning, three SEC titles in four years. That's never been done by

a UTK team before and hasn't been done since. While we studied the

history of the sport, we were making history for our university.

And that was over 35 years ago. What we learned then helped us set

records that teams still haven't broken today.

So what's the lesson to learn from this story?

Do your homework, know your history and learn the rules.  

It'll take you far and those who do, usually figure out a way to gain an

advantage over their opponents. 

Be well educated about the game. 

My Tennessee teammates and I  could out argue the referees or our

opponents, because we knew our game rules and terms so well that we

could back up our arguments.

Learn all you can about the game, there's more to it than just the skills. 

Volleyball Terminology

Volleyball Terms.

You know what?

There are sports terms particular to every sport but volleyball has  

some of the most creative and unusual vocabulary

For example, a pancake to most people is a breakfast food, but to a

volleyball player its a defensive move to keep a ball from hitting the floor.

A tip to most people is what's at the end of your nose, or a gratuity, (that's

money, people!), that you give the waiter after they've been nice

enough to serve you food in a restaurant. 

To a volleyball player a tip is the way to contact the ball legally with an

open hand, without lifting it, but pushing it with fingertips softly so it travels

over the block's hands and into an open area (hopefully) of the

opposing team's court floor.  

See what I mean? 

Its crazy, but its fun stuff at the same time. Books, posters and 

Pinterest boards have been dedicated to the volleyball

vocabulary.  It's a whole different language. Give yourself time to learn it

especially since there's new types of slang that people keep coming up

with for different kinds of defense, passing and serves.

Learning these terms is like learning the alphabet in a

different language. You have to learn it if you expect to communicate

with everyone else who plays, especially if they play on your team.

The articles on this site are full of terms and explanations of most

commonly used words in our sport.

Knowledge of these will be very useful if you are learning how to

play volleyball and you want to improve  your volleyball IQ. 


Drills drills drills, there's a song out there with sound alike words I know!

Drills are the secret or not-so-secret ingredient to making practices

and players better.

The opportunity to do 1000 reps of a skill at every opportunity possible, is

what it takes to make your varsity team, your club team, your collegiate


That's what drills are all about, progress and improvement. The first time

might not feel or look so good. But each time after that, as long as you

can see you are making progress you can feel the improvement, then

you're on the right road.

#girlpower  Yep, that's right, people, I hashtag when I talk. 

The drills section is one of my favorites and it should be yours too. 

Frequently updated, I include videos of drills from my favorite coaches

with explanations of how I run my versions of the same drill. 

Get ahead of the game, come back often to find out how super

successful collegiate coaches run their drills and listen in as they talk

about what makes their players successful. 

Seven-time NCAA champions Penn State volleyball courtSeven-time NCAA champions Penn State volleyball court

How To Play Volleyball: Where Do I Go From Here?

Follow the suggested reading on this page or visit the pages in the

Learn to Play section in the drop down menu at the top of the page to

get started on skill training. position training,

ruleshistory or to gain a better understanding of specific terminology.  

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